How do teachers join Kidlink?

There are 78 public mailing lists in Kidlink in 17 languages. Kidleader resembles a teacher's lounge where teachers can meet and discuss topics of interest. Kidproj and Kidproj-coord are mailing lists for the global project area. These three lists welcome participation in any language but English is used most of the time. You can subscribe to these lists and all Kidlink lists here:

Subscribe to Kidlink lists.

You can browse the archives of these lists and see what's going on:




Take a look and watch the discussions until you feel comfortable and want to join in. At that point don't hesitate to reply to someone or start your own thread of messages. Just keep in mind the difference between list mail and personal mail:

list mail - All subscribers see the messages. Make sure your messages are of interest to the group.

personal e-mail - Send messages that are for one person only to his/her e-mail address and not to the mailing list for the whole group to see.


Don't forget all the teachers who sent you greetings. Wave back with a friendly aloha.


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Patti Weeg
May 2000