How do you bring your project into Kidlink?
  1. Contact the Kidproj moderator, Patti Weeg, and introduce your project idea.
  2. Develop a project description and timeline.
    • Include targeted age group.
    • Include the 4 Kidlink question requirement for students.
    • Encourage thoughtful participation from a global audience involving inquiry, exploration and discovery.
    • Define the length of your project.
    • Include a reminder that all participation is done across the Kidproj mailing list or one of the Kidproj wwwboards.
  3. Include suggestions for lesson plans that reflect curriculum standards. A listing of standards by content area is a good idea.
  4. Provide a list of resources for teachers and students if possible.
  5. Encourage dialogue among participants in your project. You are the teacher in a "virtual classroom" where your interaction is important. Support the participating students and encourage them to develop fresh ideas rather than simply restating ideas they find.
  6. Contact the Kidproj webmaster, Diane Smith. Kidlink will host a webpage for the project. Decide who will make your webpages:
    • HTML by you?
    • HTML by Kidproj?
  7. A sample project - Grandmother and Me


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Patti Weeg
May 2000