Grandfather Carmelo Likes Our Plurals

Papa Carmelo came to Delmar!

My dear children, Autumn, Roxanna, Craig, Aaron and Bryan,

thanks for your lesson about plural: actually, as I wrote the first time I met your web pages, I'm not good at English because when I was a child I studied only French and I started studying English only when I was an old man with little memory and big difficulty in learning.

So you have to forgive my mistakes because they are the mistakes of an old man who wants write in a language he doesn 't know enough. Although they say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, however you will understand my intentions are good and I'm sure we'll become good friends and maybe I'll be able to teach you something you don't know.

And now could I ask you some questions ? Are you good at school or you make get angry your wonderful teacher ? I'm sure you are very good and you like school and especially your Patty, one of the best person I know. You have to love school because nobody in the world, only God, will be able to remove what you have learnt and now is in your little heads. You have to know man is worth and counts not because of money he has got in his pockets, but because of things he knows; so you have to study in order to learn as much as possible O.K. ? Can I hug and kiss you ?

Your grandfather,

P.S. How is now Ashley ?

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