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Dear Chip,

My name is Amber. How are you? What is it like in Bosnia? It is cold in Delmar. What is your favorite thing to do? Mine is to read. What is your favorite holiday? Mine is x-mas. I would like to be your pal.

Your friend,

Chip replied...

Dear Amber,

Greetings from Bosnia, the land of dust and mud. You asked what it is like here. It is a very beautiful country. It is mountainous and has a lot of trees. I'm in the Tuzla valley, but it is still about 800 feet above sea level. It isn't like Delmar, where it is very flat. There is a big lake near here. Bosnia is east of Italy across from the Adriatic sea. Right now it rains a lot and it gets very muddy. When it isn't raining everything is dusty. We also had snow last monday. We'll be getting a lot more snow and it is getting very cold.

I work seven days a week and very long hours. When I'm not working I like to read and watch sports. I also like to talk to my wife and daughter on the phone. We have access to the internet. I like to read the news and get info on sports. I also like to play the card game hearts on the net. My friends from Dover Air Force Base send me e-mail. I've really enjoyed getting messages from your school. It's neat to see what you are doing and talk to kids from my old school.

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I'm hoping to get home before then, but I don't know yet.

Take care and do good in school. Write again.

Chip :)

Dear Chip,

My name is Corey. I am in the 6th grade. What is it like to be in Bosnia? I think it would be cool. I have a cousin Bosnia. Her name is Julie Harris. She is serving as a teacher. It must be cool to be in the army. Well the 8:30 bell just rang. I have to go.

Your Friend,

Chip replied...

Hi Corey,

Thanks for writing me back. I played baseball and soccer when I was growing up. I wish I had been better. Maybe I would be playing major league baseball instead of being in Bosnia....lol. I played on my squadron softball team last summer. We came in second place. I missed the last three games when I had to leave for Bosnia. We probably would have come in first if I had been there.

My grandfather fought in France with the army in World War I. My dad was in the air force during the Korean War. I've been to Korea, Saudi Arabia, and now Bosnia. I'm not in the army, I'm in the air force. I've also been stationed in Tucson, Arizona. I went to basic training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas and tech school at Lowry AFB in Denver, Colorado. I'm now stationed at Dover AFB, Delaware. That is only 50 miles from Delmar.

Bye, Chip

Dear Chip,

My name is Josh. I am 11 years old. I go to Delmar Elementary School. I am in the sixth grade. My grandmother works with your mom. I know your mom. I will tell her you said hi. Your mom is very nice. She is funny too. I like all sports. My favorite sport is baseball then soccer. Your mom sounds very proud of you. What is it like in the Air Force. Some people in my family are in the Navy and Army but they live in West Virginia.


Chip replied...

Hi Josh,

I'm glad you wrote. You asked what it is like in the air force. It isn't like you see in the movies. It isn't always exciting. The military is getting smaller and we work a lot and have to deploy around the world frequently.

I've been in for 13 years. I've done good and like it. I've learned a lot and met many interesting people. I like my job and have a lot of responsibilities. If you are ever interested in joining the air force or another branch of service, get your education first and try to get commissioned as an officer.

Aim High,

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