Tomo's Graph

Tomo's graph
japan 5 students took within 10 minutes by walk to school. 12 students took 10 or 20 minutes by walk. and also 10 students took 21 to 30 minutes by walk. And 2 students took over 30 minutes. Of course it took within 40 minutes.

I've heard that you who take bus to school have to ride about an hour. It means you live in far a way from school?

Our students all walk to school.

This is so fun to research and make graphs.
Tomo and Isamu

Delmar Second Grade Students

grade 2 graph
Damush Hello Isamu and Tomo,

Miss Damush's second grade class made a graph for you that shows you how long the students in their class ride the bus each morning to school.

The buses pick up many students, sometimes 50-60, so the first students on the bus have a long ride in some cases. The first buses leave before 7 AM and arrive at school by 8 AM. We have 21 buses bringing students to our school. Our enrollment is about 960 students.

Your friends in Delmar,
Miss Damush and second grade boys and girls

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