Hello Delmar students and Mrs.Weeg,

It is very much interesting to start our new project here with you.

How much do you get for pocket money for a month? Do you work for them? or do your parents give to you?

This is our new topic for Making MORE graphs!!!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy this project too.


From Jimmy:

My allowance is $20.00 dollars every 2 weeks. I get my allowance on Sundays. I have to take out the trash. I have to wash dishes and dry the dishes. I have to clean my room once a week. I have to pull weeds.

From Lauren:

My allowance is $10.00 a week. There are twenty-two people altogether in my class. I have to feed my cat. I help water plants. I pick-up my room. I don't have to but I do it any way. I sweap the porch. I clean the house sometimes. I get my allowance on Fridays. I help my Mommy with my sister .I love to do these things.



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Math presentation prepared by Joyce Perdue and Patti Weeg
for the National Title 1 Conference - Tampa, Florida: January 24-26, 2002
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January 2002