G'day mate. We're caitlin & paige here from Australia. How many legs on an emu plus how many letters in the word Australia plus how many paws on a koala?

Hi Paige and Caitlin,

My name is Megan. I'm from Delmar. I think I've solved your math puzzle. Is the answer 15? I will tell you how I got that. There are 2 legs on a emu, 9 letters in the word Australia, and there are 4 paws on a koala bear. 2+9+4=15. Well C-ya!!


Dear Megan,

Your answer is right. Keep on going. You are the 4th person to answer it correct. Your score is a+. I love your answer. Can you send a maths puzzle?

From Caitlin and Paige.

Hi, my name is Ben. I am from Australia. This is my math problem. Try and solve it:

What is the number of stars on the Australian flag minus the sides of a square divide the number of noses you have?

Hi, my name is Hali. I'm from Delmar. I tried to solve your puzzle. Is the answer two? I got that by counting the stars. I counted six stars. I subtracted 4, that equals 2. Divided by 1 equals 2!! Is that right? Write back to me and tell me if I got the right answer. Bye!!!


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