Weddell Seals

Dear Mr.Matt,

Sorry I did not write to you. I tried to write to you. But there was no time left. So here I am writing to you. Thanks for the comment. I like my name too. How are you ? You know the bombings you heard about. Well, we wrote to our friends in Israel on computer & regular paper, too. What are the temperatures down there? I am ten years old. I'm in the fifth grade. My homeroom teacher is Mr.Polk. He is very nice. Have you seen any weddel seals yet ? If you didn't already know I got a poster and a book about Antarctica. Bye!!


Dear Ashleigh,

As always, good to hear from you. The seals we have seen are the weddel type. Hey, I have a challenge for you. I don't think either of us spelled "weddel" correctly, but I couldn't find it in the dictionary. Can you help me out, please? Maybe we did spell correctly, but the word just doesn't look right to me. It has been about a month since we have seen any seals. I don't know where they disappear to, but I guess they thought it was getting too cold here. Can't say as I blame them. I wouldn't mind leaving here either, but I sure don't want to swim like they do.

Goodbye for now,

Dear Mr. Matt and Mr. Dave,

How are you? I am fine. I also got a book about Antarctica. It got wet though. The wind chill in Antarctica is really cold. I got a 90% on my Science Project. I thought I was going to get an E. I don't want that. Well, got to go.

Your friend,

Hi Heather,

I'm glad that you received a 90 on your science project. What was it on? I am not familiar with the grading system there, so what is an "E". My wife tells me that the "E" on our car's gasoline gauge doesn't mean "enough". She always reminds me of the time that she ran out of gasoline the first day of a new job, because I said there was enough to get her to work. Oh well, that was a long time ago, back when I had hair on the back of my head.

Thanks for writing,

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