Great Reading and Math Adventures

Mrs. Webster's Class

During Summer School, reading good literature has broadened our experiences. Just ask Turaine, Natacha, Brittney, Ray, Joshua, and Timothy . They'll quickly tell you how the story, The Carrot Seed inspired them to make predictions, sort by characteristics, count by 2's, add and subtract with a calculator, determine the weight of objects by graph, plant seeds to compare growth patterns, and prepare a recipe for MUD. Believe it or not, watching the students dig in proved this "dirt" was a delicious way to enjoy gardening.

George, Tyrell, Heather, Timothy , Kevin, and Bobby were fascinated by the many interesting facts presented in Tomie de Paola's, The Popcorn Book. They used a map to locate places mentioned in the book, made a popped corn necklace, and became chefs who created Sugar Pop Snacks, a tasty treat everyone wanted to gobble up. Through these activities, Mrs. Webster's students realized great books lead to exciting adventures in Reading and Math!

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