We had such a good day, Mr. Dave...

Dear Mr. Hess,

Hi! How are you? I am fine. I am also Tessa. Thank you for coming to the school. I had fun, and I saw myself on the news. I did not see you on channel 47. When are you coming back next? I hope you can come back soon.

Your friend,

January 5,1996

Dear Mr. Dave,

Thank you for coming to our school on Wednesday!!!!I had a lot of fun that day. My friend Kaley was absent that day so I called her that night. She said she wish she had come to school. She was sick so she could not come to school. I gave her the autographs.

Your Friend,



Dear Mr. Dave,

I missed you when you came to our school. I was sick Wednesday. Thank You for coming to our school even though I haven't written to you in 2 weeks because there are too many people signing up but today. I'm here today. This is probably my last day. Tomorrow if I can I will sign up. Tomorrow I get to go to D.Z. that is a playcenter. I Love to go there. Do you go there a lot? The reason I'm going because I'm going with my brother for his Cubscouts. Well see you later!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Friend,


Dear Mr.Dave,

Hey Mr. Dave. How are you ? Thank you for coming to our school yesterday. Have you left for Antartica yet? Did you get to watch the news last night? It was nice meeting Zach . How is Zach? Tell him I said Hi .If you don't remember my name it's Andrew.

Your Pen Pal,

Dear Mr. Hess,

Thanks a lot for writing back to me. How big are the whales and penguins in Antarctica? When you see them will you tell me how big they are? Well, thanks again for writing. Bye.

Your friend,

Patricia A. Weeg
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