From Quinnisha and Nickle

about rain, snow and beards

Hello Again Mr. Dave,

How are you?? I'm fine. How's the weather down there? I hear It's pretty cold. You said you get rain there every 24 years. Sounds pretty cool. Expect if that happened over here that would be a drought and we couldn't grow crops but since it's over there I guess it's all right because there's no sun.

Your friend,

P.S. Have you built a snowman or eaten snow cream or made a a snow angel??

Dear Mr. Dave,

Hi, How are you doing? I am fine. Yes, I do think that your beard will be a lot longer by then. Unless of course your shave it. Thank you so much and yes I was very impressed when I saw how they [the TV news broadcast] pieced things together. Well, I must depart.

Your friend always,

P.S. Please write back soon !! BYE!!

Patricia A. Weeg
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