Scott's Hut

Dear Mr.Dave,

Mrs. Weeg and I found the answer!!! The man that put the hut where it is was a man named Scott. The purpose was because they were trying to get to the South Pole first before Norway would. Kids back in England helped them get their horses, but then they died after a short time. Finally they made it, but it was too late the Norway flag was there, so they did not make it. Scott said, "Great God, this is an awful place." Two of Scott's men had been perished in a blizzard. Scott and the other two on March 19, 1912 died in their tent just eleven miles from food and fuel. Do you have any more questions you want to give us? Thank You!!!!

Your friend,

Dear Mr, Hess

Hi this is Ashley Roberts will this really happen if you throw an apple core down on the ground it will just freeze up and it all just gets shipped right back up to the United States of America . I heard that Robert Scott lead an expedition and when he got to his destination the Norwegians had beat him to it . And all the men died 11 miles from food and fuel . I forgot to ask you earlier do the people in the U.S.A want Antarctica's trash?

Your Friend,

Dear Mr. Hess,

Hi!!!!!!!!! How are you? My name is Kaley. How are you? I'm fine and tired. Only my family can call me my nickname, because that is a family thing. Do you like to write? I do. I love to write! I have a brother, sister, Mom, Dad. I have 3 hamsters, 3 dogs, 2 cats. My cats names are tinker, and blackberry. My dogs names are Tostie roll,Losey,Anmanda. My hamsters names are Penny, Patches, Peanut.

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