Midnight Sun

Letters to Mr. Hess


Thanks for your letter last Friday. The kids have some questions for you. Not all of these kids got to meet you when you came so they are not really quite sure what you will be doing there. I think it is so exciting that you are having sunshine nearly all the time and our friends in Alaska and Norway are approaching the dark of winter.

I'll let you read what the kids have to say....

All the best,

Dear Mr Hess,

Hi! What is Antarctica like? I am Tessa. Are you cold inside? Why are you there? If I am asking too many questions, just tell me. Are you inside a building, or is there a big dome?

Well, gotta go!

Dear Mr. Hess

Hi!!!!! How are you? I'm fine. My name is Kaley. I am 10 years old. How old are you? Do you like it over there? Is it hard to sleep when the sun is shinning bright? Has any body got hurt? I hope not. Has anything excited happened? Do you like Christmas? I love Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Friend,

Dear Mr. Hess,

Hi, How are you doing? I am fine. Hi, My name is Ashley. People call me by the name of Nickle because there are so many Ashleys in the KIDLINK program. Here are a few questions for you.

How did it feel to land on ice? Are you scared of the Volcano? How many layers do you have to dress? Is it interesting in Antarctica?

Well, I have to go!! BYE!!

Your friend always,

P.S. Please write SOON!!

Dear Mr.Hess,

What is Antarctica like? I kind of would like to go there. Is it cold there? Do you like penguins? I kind of do but I like cows better. Were those seats (sling) comfortable? Were you a little scared about the sun still up at midnight. I would be a little mixed up about that. What other kinds of animals are there? Are there any cows there? Do you like it at Antarctica? Well it's been fun writing to you! Bye!



Dear Mr. Hess

How is it in Antarctica? I would have loved to have gone with you. Have you seen any penguins yet? How cold does it get at night? Where are you staying? Have you gone skiing yet How does it feel to have Mount Erebus near you? Got to go.


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