Mr. Dave Comes Back to Visit Delmar

Dave Hess is home from Antarctica for a short break but will be returning to McMurdo, Antarctica in a few days. He and his son, Zac, came to Delmar yesterday, January 4th, and brought us maps and many photos taken in New Zealand and Antarctica. WBOC and WMDT TV came and filmed the event.

Dear Mr. Hess

Hi, How are you doing? Thankyou you for coming to Delmar Elementry School. We hope you had fun!!!! Did you watch the news last night? I did . I hope you have a good time while you're here visiting this side of America. Have fun in Antarctica, Please keep writing to us when you're home and at Antarctica . We really enjoyed the visit .

Your Friend,

Dear Mr Dave,

Hello!! How are you doing today? I am great.We just wanted to thank you for coming yesterday. We enjoyed having you here. We also wanted to say we liked being on television last night. That was fun. I learned about Antarctica. I bet you did too. Did you watch the news last night? I did. I was on there a little bit. I hope you have a good time when you go back to Antarctica. Well gotta go .


P.S.Have fun!!!!!!!!

Hello Mr.Dave

Thanks again for coming and visiting our school and I'd also like to thank you for doing the project. We know a lot more about Antarctica. Thanks for bringing all of the neat pictures, maps, and other things you brought.

Your friend,

Dear Mr. Hess,

Hello!!!!!! My name is Ashley. You know yesterday, when you came and showed us the stuff you got from Antarctica? Well, I just wanted to say thank you for the things you brought us. I taped the broadcast that came on tv last night. Did you see it? If you did, did you tape it? I liked the time when you were being interviewed. I have to go now!!!!!! See you the next time you come back!!!!

Your key pal,

Dear Mr.Hess,

Thank you for coming to Delmar Elementary School. Thanks for the maps you showed us of where you are working. Also thanks for the autograph. The fish in Antarctica are really neat. I hope you see penguins. Thanks again.

Your friend,

Patricia A. Weeg
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