A Fun Day

when Mr. Bill visited Delmar


Today was really enjoyable for me and the kids. I know they loved having you with us for the day. I think you met all of th kids who have written to you.

Thanks again for giving up your day so that you could meet all the kids. They will never forget this one. You know that...!

The kids haven't really had time to write back to you yet. Except for this first note from April, the letters were written yesterday. Enjoy!


Today Mr. Bill came to the school. He talked about rockets and when he will be in Australia. When he gets to Australia he is going to write and tell me what it is like in Australia. He is nice you. You have to meet him. It was fun meeting him. He talked us a lot about rockets. I hope one day you get to meet him. You will have fun talking to him because he is lots of fun. I'm not lying. Today was a fun day for me.


October 9,1995

Dear Mr.Bill,

How is Australia ? It is warm here. I hear you are launching rockets. Where in Austrila ? Are you in Tasmania? How long are you going to stay in Australia? We live in Delmar. Where are you from?

Your Friends

Dear Mr. Bill,

Hi, this is Casieagain, you know, 'spaceman.' This is great you are coming tommorow, it will be so fun. I can't wait for you to come to see us, you will get to see me and I will get to see you. By the way thanks for coming to see us.


Dear Mr.Bill,

Hi my name is Stefanie and I am 11 years old in the six grade. I use to have a dog but I had to give him away because he barked to much!!!! I hope that you write back soon!!!! GOOD-BYE!!

Your friend,

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