The Southern Cross

Kaley Does her Homework!

Dear Mr.Bill,

Hi How are you? I'm fine. A Southern Cross is a famous constellation. It's found in the Southern Hemisphere, and it is called the Crux. Sorry I haven't writen in so long. How is it downunder? It is fine here. We get our report cards 11-7-95. I'm scared of what I'm going to get. My friends are too. Well I got to go Bye-Bye.

your friend,

Dear Mr. Bill ,

How is it in Australia ? Did you hear that a rocket blew up because I don't really know to tell you the truth. I really didn't know that the money there was plastic. Did you know this before you got there? What was the first thing you did when you got there? I am so sorry I haven't written to you in so long . Did you have any friends in Australia before you went there? Have you met any new friends while you are there? How did the first rocket launch go?

Your Pen-Pal,

Dear Mr.Bill,

Hi this Jon. Andrew brought in a very big!! rocket it was for science class. I'm in 5th grade. Yes, we are going to be studying rockets. My favorite subject is math. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. How many years were you in college for your job?


Dear Mr.Bill

Why did you forget me? I have been sobbing all day. When I saw everyone else get a letter I started sobbing. It feels more like a few weeks to me . You wrote to Casie, Tim, Quinnisha, Hannah, kaley, Dominique, Rhae, Kristen, Jack, Steven, Caitin, Tara G and Tara F .


Your friend,

Dear Mr.Bill

Why do you do a count down when you can just shoot it off? The report cards are issued the 14th. I don't study but I still get "A"s and "B"s. My worst grade will probably be math because I don't like math and I always get bad grades in math. Is lawn bowling where you bowl on the grass? I like to hear people talk with an accent too . The pie floater sounds good.

Your friend,

Dear Mr.Bill,

Are you having fun in Australia? I am sorry I have not been writing to you. When will you be back from Australia? I would like to see you again. Are you still working with rockets? Is it hot or cold were you are? How do the people talk in Australia? I am hoping to see you. Australia must be fun. I forgot when it was but I saw a rocket explode. Was it one of yours? My mom and brother saw smoke in the sky. My cousins saw it also. How are things in Australia? How are you? Did you make any new friends in Australia? How many or months do you have left in Australia? I will try to write to you again. Will you write again?

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