Letters to Mr. Bill

From the Delmar KIDLINK Kids

October 2, 1995

Dear Mr. Bill,

How are you I am fine.I have been to Wallops Island.I went to an enrichment camp and we went to Wallops Island for a felid trip. When we got there someone gave us a talk and guess what.I got to put on the spacesuit,that spacesuit is heavy!!! Going to Wallops was fun. I hope that you have a great time in Australia!!!! How long will you be there?


Dear Mr. Bill,

How are you. My name is Elvira. I heard you were coming to Delmar Ele. School. I'm so glad that you'er going to Australia And here of course! I hope you have a good trip. I hope I'm here when you come, not absent. I can't wait to see you. When you come here could you tell me more about space.

Well,bye for now,
your friend Elvira

Dear Mr. Bill,

I would like to meet you sometime. Can you please tell me about rockets? Do you travel all around the world? Oh my name is Deanna. I am in the 5th grade. Be carefull with the rockets. Please be carefull. I don't want you to get hurt.

Your friend,

Dear mister Bill,

Please come to our school. We would love to hear more about what you do. I heard you were going to launch rockets in the desert in Australia. Please tell me what rockets are made of and what they do.

Your friend

Dear Bill

Hi my name is April. I'm 10 years old. When do you go to Australia? I hope you have some fun. I hope one day I get to go to Australia. I would have fun because I have never been out of the U.S. I have one person in my family that has been out of the u.s. My Nanny has been out of the u.s. She was born in England. Have you been to England? I would like to go and i kown my Nanny would like to go to. I would like to go because I would like to see it. I'm in 5 gr. and I will like to hear from you.I have to go.


October 4,1995 Wednesday

Dear Mr. Bill

I will enjoy seeing you it will be great. My name is Jarrett and my sister's name is Amanda you probably know her she comes her a lot and I am new hear my brother is Jonh . My mom's name is Reatha and dad's name is James and I love them too. I like sport like football, baseball,soccer,and baketball football the best.

What kind of weather will it be in Australia when you go there? How far away is the nearest town? How will you write to us on a computer? Are there phones where you are going?

You friend,

Dear Mr.Bill,

Hi! t's me Deanna. Thank you for the letter.I will write again. What kind of safety rules do you have to follow? What kind of things do you need to bring? What kind of equipment do you have to use? I like to see you.

Keep on Writing
Your New Friend
Mrs. Shaner's Class.

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