About making a Sundial

Jordan and Jack will try...

Dear Mr. Dave,

How are you? I read your letter and I thought it was neat when you send us a letter we get it before you write it. Me and Jordan will try to construct a sundial with 24 hours on it. When we build it do you want us to take a picture of it or just draw one? Tell us what the sunset is like. Was it neat, bright, cool, interesting? Well, tell us when you get a chance. Thanks and bye.


Dear Mr. David Hess,

How are you. I'm fine. Since you don't know me my name is Ashley. I'm 10 years old and I love school. I've heard that Antarctica is having its first sunset in the year. Are you very excited about the sunset? I am. The answer to your first question, is pretty hard to explain. I'll write to you tomorrow.



Dear Mr.Dave

Hi, it's Jordan again! I read your letter on a sun dial. I have a sundial at my house. But it is sort of broken. It still will work, but it doesn't have a pole on the bottom of it. It was in my yard when I moved into my house. The people that lived there before my family moved in said that it was even there when they moved in, and they moved in at about 1978, and the house was built in 1908. My dad's great grandma lived in my house when she was 11 through 36. And since other people who were living when my grandma was 14, they said that the sun dial was always there.


Hi Mr. Dave,

I am Eric. I have written to you before. You wrote me back to. I can not write to good. That is probobly why I did not write to much. I Know your son goes to A school two miles away from me. Did your letter get mailed to us before you got done with it? Write back.


Dear Mr.Dave,

Hi!!! How are you? We have gotten a lot more snow. It`s getting on my nerves!!!! Is it getting on your nerves? So when will you be going back to your house? Is your son staying with your wife? Well, what are you doing now down in Antarctica? School is getting a lot boring these days.:) Smile. Did you get a picture of the penguin? What did it look like? If you got a picture will you send us one? Please!! THANK YOU!

From Your Friends,
Katie and Ashley :) :( :} :{ Smile !!!!!

Dear Mr. Dave,

Hello!! How are you? I am fine. Are you excited about seeing the sun set? What color was the sun? Sometimes it is pink and purple and blue. It is usually very pretty.I hope that you enjoyed it very much. I hope you will write back. B.Y.E


Dear Mr. Dave,

Hi!!! I heard you saw your first penguin today. Did it look cool. Was it big? I wish I could see one. When will you come back from Antarctica? Do you want to? I wish I could go to Antarctica. I'm bored right now. Well gotta go!! Bye!

Your Friend,

Dear Mr. Dave,

How can you sleep through your first sunset? (Ha Ha) We forgive you. Well, at least you got to see the picture of it. And we did too. It is a very nice picture of the sunset too. Have you ever seen a sunset or sunrise? I have only seen a sunset. How are things there? Well I have to go now. Bye!

Your Friend,

Patricia A. Weeg
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