More Snow in Maryland

The snowplow had already come by once when this photo was taken.

Dear Mr. Dave,

Hi!!! How are you? I'm fine. I heard that your beard froze. That must be bad. Has it ever happened before? Did you hear about the snow we got. We got about 1 ft. I played in it for a long time. My feet got frozen.

My hobbies are mostly sports. Do you have any children? I got one brother and one sister.

Where are you going after Antarctica? Will it be a cold place? What was the coldest temp. at Antarctica? Are coldest temp. was like 18 degrees. It was cold. Have you been wearing warm clothes if it is cold? Is survial school fun? Is it like school?

I hear you're 42. My dad is 40. Not much younger than you. I'm 10. Much much younger than you.

Have you gotten any high winds? Our highest was about 30. The snow we got let us out for 3 days.

We're famous. A man made a book about us. Isn't that cool? Tell you the truth we've been famous. My sister did KIDLINK last year and she was in the paper a lot. I wouldn't be writing to you if it wasn't for my sister. Do you think I have written a lot? I do!!!!!

I also have one dog and cats and fish and a parrot. My best friend is Ashley B. I write to lots of people in KIDLINK. Mrs. Weeg is very nice. Well gotta go!!! Bye!!!!

Your friend,

Dear Mr. Dave,

Hi!!!! How are you doing I am fine. I read the letter that you wrote to us. Is it cold down in Antartica? I hope you are having a good time down there. We just had a blizzard. I thought it was fun but it was so cold. Did you have fun climbing up the glacier? Was it hard?

Your Friend,

Dear Mr. Dave,

Hello!! How are you? I am fine . We got a lot of snow and we missed 3 days of school. That was neat but I hope we do not have to make up all of these days. We have missed 9 days altogether. There was something in the newspaper that said the Board of Education had to tell someone if we were going to have to make up all of these days. I hope we do not . I want a summer!!!! Please write back.


Dear Mr. Dave

Is it hard there in survival school? It is cold here but not as cold as there. Well how are you? I am fine. Have you seen any whales? Mrs.Weeg got us in a couple of books.


Hello Mr. Dave,

My name is Eric. I like school. Are you a teacher? How cool was it in survival school? Do you like the coldness down there? I might do what you do when I get older. I heard about how your tents can get blown over in the cold. I like roller blading. I am realy good at it too. Skate boarding is my favorite out of everything though. I really hope you write back.


Dear Mr.Dave,

Hi, it is Ashley! There is one thing that I have to ask you and that is how was the Black Bart Chili with beans? Do you know what I think? I think that that chili sounds really, really nasty! What kind of stories did your instructor tell you about tents being blown away and white outs and stuff ? Well I gotta go Bye-Bye !

Your Friend,

Dear Mr.Dave,

Hello! So I hear you got your beard unfrozen. How did you like the Black Bart Chili With Beans? What is that anyway? What do you mean when you said you used snow for dinner? Were the stories really that scary?? I read that you didn't know what MSPAP. MSPAP stands for Maryland School Performance Assessment Program. We are getting ready to take them !!! They just had to make us take them in May. Right around my birthday too. Well I have to go !!!!

Your Keypal,

P.S. Please Write back soon!!!!!!!!!!

Patricia A. Weeg
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