Christmas Stories

by Delmar and Almada

Ashley's Christmas Story

Once upon a time a Christmas Eve Night a cow stood in a field as lonely as can be. All of the other cows were in the barn eating nice warm hay. They didn't want Alfred to join them so they made him go outside. Alfred cried and cried. He got so sad and angry that he ran away. He ran for one hour. Alfred was lost. He was also sad. He tried to go home but he was lost. There was no hope for Alfred. He sat and cried. Alfred cried for almost half an hour. Then he saw something in the sky. He had no idea what it was. It was Santa! He waved Santa down and asked him for one thing, to be popular at the barn and if he could ride home to the barn with him. Santa said okay. When they got to the barn, all of the cows ran to them and asked him if they could be Alfred's friend. Alfred was happy that all of the cows wanted to be his friend. All of the cows invited Alfred to...

Dear Kids in Portugal

Here's where you add on!

The second part of the story has been written by Diana in Portugal.

...the party. Alfred got many presents. He suggested the cows to invite the other farm animals to the party. He thanked Santa and asked him to join them for Christmas dinner.

Santa is Coming

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Stephanie. She had a sister named Angie and a brother named Calvin. It was Christmas there in Portugal. Calvin said " Lets go to the mall so we could see Santa." "But how are we suppose to get there?" asked Angie. " We will get mom to take us." Said Stephanie in a excited voice. " But what if mom won't take us?" exclaimed Calvin. "She won't" Said Stephanie. "When is Santa coming to our house?" asked Angie. " Santa is coming very soon." Said Calvin. Angie was having a petit mal seizure. And Calvin, after he had said that to Angie, he had one too. Stephanie asked " Lets go ask mom and see if she will take us to the mall." " Wait for me!" said Angie tugging along. "Mom!!!" screamed Stephanie...

Ok, friends in Portugal, you can add to the story.


From: Escola Anselmo Andrade

Some other students decided to start a different one. Here it is. I wonder if some of your students still have the time to finish it ....


Once upon a time there was a very bad and rich man, who had many employees. They weren't very well paid. One of the many employees was a poor woman. She had five little children that never received presents because her mother hadn't money to buy them.

It's Christmas time! The streets are decorated, shop windows are very attractive with toys and candies. On Christmas Eve the children put their stockings on the fireplace. On Christmas day morning... From: Secundaria Anselmo de Andrade

From Delmar...

---> On Christmas day morning. When all the children woke up that day they were so glad that old Saint Nick came. Their parents were so glad to see a smile on their kids' faces. On December 26, 1995 the kids were still playing with their toys and other stuff. The mom's got together & talked about how happy their kids were. January 2, 1996 there was this little boy his name was Aloip, he was so sad that he didn't have a happy Christmas like everybody else did . His father wasn't able to be there to see him open his presents . Aloip's mom said, "I taped it he can see then." Aloip still wasn't happy about his father not being there .....

Your Friend,

On Christmas day morning stockings were filled and presents were under the Christmas tree. And the bad rich man came to the poor little women's house to see what the five little children got for Christmas. The old bad rich man almost stole their presents but the little women threw him out of........


On Christmas day morning...the five kids faces lit up with excitment and joy. Their mother was so surprised she didn't care who did it she owed them alot...

Your friend

On Christmas morning the five little children came down stairs and under the tree they found loads of presents and candy in there stockings! They were overjoyed! The old bad rich man...


Patricia A. Weeg
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