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Dear P.P,

Hello. How are you? I looked up Stephen Decatur. Here is what I found:

He was one of the most daring officer in the navy in his younger years. He is probally remembered most for his toast: " Our country: In her intercourse with foreign nations may she always be right; but our country , right or wrong." He was one of a group of men who started the naval traditions in the US. He was born in a log cabin in Sinepunxent, MD, on January 5, 1779. When he was 8 years old, he made his first long voyage to France on a ship commanded by his father who was also a merchant captain. In 1798, he became midshipman during the naval war. He than advanced to a lieutenant in 1799. Given command of the Enterprise during the war with Tripoli, he captured an enemy vessel that was renamed Intrepid. In this ship, he led a picked band into Tripoli Harbor on February 16, 1804, and set fire to the frigate Philadelphia, once in the hands of his father, which the Tripoli pirates had captured.

Commanding a squadron of three ships during the War of 1812, he captured the British frigate Macedonian after a desperate problem. In 1813, he became a commodore and took control of the squadron in New York Harbor. The British sent him all the way to Bermuda as a prisoner of war, but soon enough he was released.

Suspended Commodore James Barren, at whose court-martial Decatur had presided, challenged him to a duel in 1820. Decatur was killed by Barren near Bladensburg, MD. James had accused certain officers, headed by Decatur, of persecuting him.

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I saw your picture on the IC Net. You look pretty good for 149 yrs. old!!!!!!!

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How are you? This is the second letter I have written to you today!! Oh, well. Here is who Stephen Decatur is.

Stephen Decatur was born in a log cabin in Sinepuxent MD, on January 5, 1779. His first voyage that was long was at age 8 when he went to France commanded by his father who was a merchant captain.

A school was named after him. He was one of the most daring officer in the Navy during his early years. He was remembered for his toast. Stephen enjoyed popularity with the public. He was one person of a group of men who established the naval tradition of the U.S. Some of the others were: John Berry, John Paul Jones, David Porter, Oliver Hazard Perry, Thomas Macdonough, and Issac Hull.

He actually became a midshipman in 1798 during the naval war with France. In his ship he led a picked band into Tripoli Harbor on February 16, 1804. No one was killed and only one was injured!!!!!!!!! English Admiral Horatio Nelson named it this exploit, "the most bold and daring act of the age." Decatur actually won a sword from the Congress when he was only 25 years old. He also won a captaincy. He commanded a squadron of three ships in the War of 1812 (which we studied last year in the fifth grade). He got the British frigate, Macedonian, after a hard struggle. He became a commodore in 1813. Next he sailed to Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli. He made the rulers let the United States ships and prisoners and to stop molesting U.S. vessels. On the way back he became a navy commissioner. Decatur was killed near the commodore near Bladensburg, MD. Barron had been accused of persecuting him.

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Dear Prospector Parker,

I found out that a prospector is a person who explores or searches. Am I right? If so, what are you exploring or searching?


Dear Prospector Parker,

Thank you for writing back to me so soon. This is Stephanie and Bridget. I have gone to Frontier Town but I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. About how many gold nuggets have you found in the last year?

How do you find the time to go to all the schools? What year did you start coming to Delmar? I really liked the plays that you put on every year but why haven't we seen it yet this year? If we are going to see it this year when will we see it?

Last year you dedicated the play to all of the sixth graders. Are you going to do that again this year? I hope so. I really can't wait until we get to see your play. I wonder what it is going to be about this year? Do you go to just schools in Delaware, or do you do them in other states? Where do you live?

I was wondering something. You said you weren't 51 but you were 149. What age are you REALLY?

Well as Gene say's "W.B.A.S.A.P.P."

Your friends,
P.S. That last P. stands for....

Dear Prospector Parker,

HI!!!!!!!! My name is Kimberly but you can call me Kim. I am in Mrs. Shaner's class. I have loved all of the shows you have put on so far. My favorite Mother Goose ryme is "Goosey Goosey Gander," because when I was little, my father got a Mother Goose book and in it it said, "Goosey Goosey Gander, wonder where he wander, upstairs, downstairs, and in the lady's chamber. Once he met an old man who didn't say his prayers, so he took him by the left leg and threw him down the stairs." I'm wasn't telling you that to be mean or anything, I just liked the part about the prayers. I know that you are 149. (But I don't know your real age.) Do you like codes, because if you do, will send you one. (But you better be careful, I am very good at making them.)

P.S. You can send me a code if you'd like.

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Dear Prospector Parker,

How are you? It's me Aysha Ansari! What's up Doc!! So, Can you please call me up after you finish your play? PLEASE!!! I hope you get this letter!!! I GOT TO GO!

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Dear Mr. Parker,

My name is Hanvi Nguyen. This is the first time I wrote to you. Any way the reason for why Stephen Decatur became famous is because he was such a daring officer. He went on his first long trip at the age of eight. When he turned twenty-five he was awarded with asword from congress and captaincy. He captured the British fritage Macadonian during the War of 1812. He was sent to Bermuda to serve as prisinor of war, but was soon released. I'll write about Harry S Truman later.

Your New Friend,

Dear Prospector Parker,

Hi! How are you? I am fine. It is me again Cate Light. I have some information on Stephen Decatur.

He was an United States Naval Officer. He won fame for his exploits against pirates of North Africa. Then they named a School after him.

Your Friend,

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