We All Smile in the Same Language

Dave Sperow's ESOL Class

Students for whom English is a second language had a busy summer working on their language skills. Students engaged in a variety of activities including computer work and the use of newspapers to discuss the Olympic games.

Daily work was designed to maximize language use, to improve students' listening, speaking and writing. Hopefully they will return to their home schools in the fall with stronger English skills.

Seungeun Lee: In school I like to go to ESOL and every day I am going to ESOL. We do some fun games or play with Mr. Sperow sometimes talking together. In math class we made icecream with friends. I like math time, too, but in reading class and computer is little tedious. In summer school I think that fine and fun everything is.

In answer to the question, "What did you do in ESOL class Hye Young wrote:

Mr. Sperow teach we and for me and I know English because Mr. Sperow help we and me and I like ESOL very fun.

We study dictations because we need words and English so I like dictations.

We drew picture about holiday (4th of July). I like drew picture because very fun.

Joysbeth Davila wrote:

We learn English in ESOL class. We draw pictures about 4th of July. ESOL class was very funny. We write dictation and we learn how to get a dictation. We use computers. We always had fun with Mr. Sperow. We do puzzles. I love ESOL class. I am going to miss ESOL class and I am going to miss Mr. Sperow.

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