The Shorebirds Come to Summer School

Jeremy Powell and Mo Blakney

Players from Salisbury MD.'s own minor league baseball team the SHOREBIRDS, visited Chipman's Summer School on Monday, July 22. The students prepared a cheer and all sang "Take Me Out To The Ball Game", as they welcomed pitcher Jeremy Powell and outfielder Mo Blakney. One student commented that Powell was so tall he would break the ceiling! To a six year old Jeremy Powell stands mighty tall!

After their songs the students asked the baseball players questions and listened attentively to their answers. Cards, pennants, and posters were given and many important questions were answered.

These students in Mrs. Krauss's room wanted to know certain things from the players.

Latonya Taylor wanted to know, "How old you were when you started playing baseball?' Jeremy Powell told the kids that he has been playing baseball since he was 8 years old.

Jermel Moss asked, "How old are you?"

Katie Smullen wanted to know, "When is your birthday?"

Phillip Cooper asked, "How many home runs have you hit?" When asked how many homeruns he has hit Powell explained that he is a pitcher and doesn't hit. Blakeny is the homerun hitter. Mo is new to the Shorebirds this year and his winning smile told us he is happy to be here on the Eastern Shore.

Arien Perry asked, "How many wins do you have?"

Marcel Dashiell and Sunny-Lynne Austin wanted to know, "How do you feel when you lose?"

In closing, Jeremy and Mo stressed how important reading and math were to the game they played and that we all should do our very best in whatever we try.

Many thanks to Debbie Krauss who arranged to have the Shorebirds with us!

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