More Shoeboxes From Delmar

Gene, Kelly, Heather and Sara

Gene in A Shoebox
(It's stuffy in this shoebox)

Hi!!!! How are you? It's me, Gene.

Here's what I would put in a Shoe box.

1. I would put a picture of Mrs. Weeg-because she's a good teacher.

2. A baseball-because I like baseball.

3. My family- because they're loving.

4. A model train-because if somebody in the future finds my shoebox, would know the kind of technology.

5. a deck of cards- so future people would know what we did for recreation.

6. A map of Delmar- to show future people what it looks like.

7.Finally, a picture of me- to show people what I look like.

1.What I would put in my shoe box is a basketball because I love basketball and I play for a team.

2.Another thing I would put in my shoebox is a football because I like to play football with my friends and I like to watch my brothers play football.

3.I would put a picture of my dog because I really like my dog.

4.The last thing I would put in my shoebox is a picture of my mom and dad because I love them very much.


Hi!! How are you? I am fine. Here is my "SHOEBOX".

I would put in my shoebox:

1. A Tweety Shirt becuse I really like Tweety Bird.

2. My Delmar Pop-Warner shirt because I really like to cheerlead.

3. My best-friend picture of Ashleigh and I. Ashleigh and I are best friends,

4. A book called Ghost Horse because I am in the middle of reading that book.

5. A picture of my family.

6. Pizza and popcorn because they are my favorite foods.

7. And the last thing I would put in my my shoebox would be a cheerleading picture of myself.

8. A disk because I really like computers.

That is all for my shoebox. Well I got to go. More projects to do.

Your key-pal,


What I would put in a shoe box is...

1. One hundred bucks to go to the mall and shop.

2. My favorite books I like to read.

3. My favorite sega games.

4.My Boys To Men C.D.

5.Photographs of my friends and family.

6.My favorite Teen Beat magazines, autographs, and addresses.

7.My favorite candy like Junior Mints, Kit Kat Bar, and Hersheys Choclate.

That's what I'd put in my shoebox.
By: Sara

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