More Shoeboxes From Delmar

Jay, Ashleigh and Caitlin

Me In A Shoe box

The things I would put in my shoe box:

1. I would put a picture of my family in there, because I love them very much.

2. A picture of me and Mr. D. in the Kidlink lab, because him and I are very good key pals and we have the same birthday. We are like brothers, or maybe son and father. I love him as my own brother.

3. A signed baseball of the Delmarva Shorebirds, because they are a very good team.

4. A picture of me and my baseball team last year, because we made it to the championship game.

5. Also the last but not least, my baseball glove I have all ways played with and always won with.

The End!!


Lately I have been thinking about what I would put in a shoebox. Here are my ideas :

1. A picture of me and my sister together.- Because I love her.

2. Pictures of my family (thousands)- Because I also love them.

3. My glasses- I have always hated them I always whined about them and that I wear them.

4. A book- because I love to read.

5. All the notes Heather and I passed in class and the letters we wrote to each other- because she is my best friend.

6. A pair ofearrings that my parents gave to me- because I love them a lot.

7. A candy bar- because I love chocolate and it makes Heather mad when I bring it because it makes me hyper.

8. Sketch pad crayons, markers, and paint- because I love art.

9. Pom- poms and a megaphone- because I am a cheerleader and I love to do it.

10. Heather's and mine's Best Friend Picture- Because she is my best friend.

11. Last but not least my Kidlink folder which has all of my letters and other Kidlink things- because I love Kidlink.

12. Oh yea I forgot, I would also have a picture of every living animal on the earth- because I love animals

Well, that's it. Bye!!

PS - Write Back

Hello. How are you? I am fine. In my shoe box, you will find the following:

1. a picture album that had pictures of all my friends and family. (I think it is pretty obvious why!!)

2. something Whinnie-the-Pooh and Minnie Mouse (I love Disney characters, but those are my favorite.)

3. a chocolate bar (Chocolate lover!!)

4. a tiny, little stuffed monkey. ( My favorite animal)

5. a bottle of nail polish. (preferably a bright color)

6. a computer disk (love to surf the net!!)

Well, that is all I can think of!!! Write back and tell me what would be in your shoebox.

See Ya,
=) Caitlin

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