Stout Hearted Seven

a gift from Mr. Tom Miles

Mr. Miles surprised Ashley with a copy of the book, The Stout Hearted Seven, which reads aloud to his classes every year. Along with the book he sent several postcards that show pictures of the wagon ruts on the Oregon Trail. Thank you, Mr. Tom!

Dear Mr. Tom,

Thank you for the book and the post cards. I have started the book already. I really like what I have read. I think I will like it. My friend Kristina and her mom and me and my mom heard there was a 1 or 2 day trail you could go on, on the real trail on a covered wagon. It really seems neat, but our dads don't want to go, my mom says my dad wants to stay on the farm! Have you ever gone on that trail? Well I have to go. BYE!

Your Key Pal,

P.S. Please write back soon!

Ashley's classmate, Christa, is happy to receive mail from Emily, a student in Mr. Miles' Room 205.

Dear Emily,

I'm glad that you responded. I do not have a farm, or pets. I think that my yard is big compared to my size. I very happy you sent the letter because you're my first responder I've ever written to. I don't think I told you but I have a sister. She's almost 20 years old. She is very nice. Well she goes to college at Morgan State University. I can't believe I'll be in the 5th grade next year!!! I THINK I'll pass the 4th grade. It seems easy now. It might get harder into the year. I'll be glad when my birthday comes. BYE!

Your Key Pal,
P.S. Please write back soon!

Patricia A. Weeg
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Photos courtesy of David Blosveren and CPI Photo at the Centre at Salisbury.