Robert Scott

by Rhae

Dear Dave,

Hi! Mrs. Weeg said it would be a great idea if I wrote a report on Scott and I thought it was a good idea too. So I am going to write a report.

All About Robert Falcon Scott

Scott was born in 1868. One day he wanted to race against Roald Amundsen from Norway and see if he could beat him and his men to the South Pole. Scott had a journal and left it on November 1. Amundsen was a son of a ship owner and trained himself for exploration. He was the first man to sail through the Northeast Passage and hoped to be the first at the South Pole.

Scott became a polar explorer. So they set off. Scott and his men came to the Ross Self and they would not take the boats threw it. Then they found a tunnel were the boats could go threw. That is were they planted there hut at. Amundsen went right threw the Ross Ice. On October 19 Amundsen set out with four men and 52 husky dogs which hauled sleds loaded with food, tents, and other materials. Amundsen had picked companions who were experienced skiers and dog handlers.

As they traveled they killed some dogs to feed the huskies and themselves. On December 14 they believed that they had reached they South Pole, so they planted the Norwegian flag. They left a message that Norway beat them to it. Scott's horses died a few miles later and they were not good skiers. They had to pull the sled themselves. They finally reached it. They saw that the Norwegians had beat them........

What happened next????
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Patricia A. Weeg
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