Summer School is Fun

Mr. Rogers' Class

I have had a wonderful time in summer school because Mr. Rogers is very nice. I like math, reading and computer. I hope I see you again.

Anthony Bradford

What I like about summer school is the math test and the math work that we can do. We play games in the our room. The most thing I like playing on is the computer. It is fum to play on the computer. I can't wait until we get out of school I'm going to Ocean City to go swimming with my sister.

Willis Ginn

I think that summer school is fun because we get to play games. Most of all I like math because it is easy and fun. Reading is really fun. I like Mrs. Hayward because she lets us draw and color. Mrs. Hayward is really a nice person to talk to. She is fun. I really like her.

Latoya Saunders

When I came to summer school it was great. I liked the computer. Plus I liked math and reading. Everything I did in summer school was fun. Plus I liked lunch.

Jamar Gattis

I feel about Summer School that it is very fun. I like Math because sometimes Mr. Rogers does fun activities with the class. I mostly like Reading because Mrs. Hayward is very nice to me. We read books. We read very interesting stories that I like very much. I don't like Geography that much. I think Summer School is very nice because I learn more and more things. I like all the teachers in the school. I have made many new friends.

Danielle Whitney

I like Summer School because I like Reading. We read a lot of books. I like Math because we play games. Every year I go to Summer School. I like it very much. We do lots of fun things at Summer School. We have learned to do place value and I like Mr. Rogers. He is nice to everyone in the room. Mr. Rogers lets us play games in the classroom. I have fun every year. I like this school and I have fun everyday in Summer School.

Tora Parsons

I feel Summer School was fun. We did Math games. The Computer Lab was fun. We learned multiplication and three digit numbers. We learned about fractions and also two digit numbers.

Brandon Waters

Summer School is fun. I haved learned to multiply three numbers. I want to write to Arnav in Sri Lanka again.

William Harmon

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