Hi, my name is Kathleen and I'm eleven years old. In a shoebox I would put : I am from Brazil First : A CD from Whitney Houston, the name of the CD is bodyguard ( it's from her movie). I would put it there because she's my favorite singer, and that's my favorite CD. Second : I would put my miniature collection, because I really like my miniature collection from Disney and WB ( Warner Brothers ). Third : A picture of the Animaniacs, because I think there are great ! Fourth : My favorite food, palm-tree pie and strawberry pie. Fifth : My twenty-two games for Super-Nintendo and my two games for Nintendo 64. I live in Campinas, the state of Sao Paulo, the country, Brazil. If any one what's to write to me my e-mail adress is : riobranco@aleph.com.br I wouldbe very pleased to have you as my penpal no matter your age, nationality or if you're a boy or girl. Thank's !!! Hi!My name is Lílian ,I'm 11 years old . In my shoebox I would put: I would put a little plush's bear because I love it. I would put my photo when I was in Porto Seguro because I liked went to there. I would put my dog's photo because he is very nice. His name is Aik. I would put a letter because I love corresponding with other people, including my old friend, Carlos Allo, from Argentina. I would put my diary. My friends usually write on it. They left me recordations. I would put a little radio, because I love to listen music. My andress riobranco@aleph.com.br Hi my name is Priscila .I m eleven . I m from in Brazil . In our shoebox we woud put; I m like jazz My adress is riobranco@aleph.com.br