Ragni's Shoebox

I'm writing the things I'd put in a shoe box below this line:

1) A music CD from one of my favourite groups (Boyzone or Alanis Morisette) to show that I love music

2) Ghoongroos- these are thick ankle bands with have rows of bells sewed onto them (you put one band on each foot). They have about 3-5 rows depending on the size of your ankle. They are strapped on with 1 or 2 buckles, that depending on the amount of rows. they are used for Indian Classical dancing. I used to go for that but stopped, they are still part of my memories though. I always wore small 3 rowed ones with 1 strap since my ankle is small, I'm small, and I am deadly thin!!!!!!!!!!!;

3) A picture of my dog, " Lady," who is a golden - brown Dachsund and is (OF COURSE) totally adorable!!!!!! And her mate, who died; actually they were bro and sis. They looked nearly the same, except Tramp (I'm sure you've heard theze namez before [ Lady and the Tramp- REMEMBER?!?!] wuz softer lookin!

4) My family picture- My parents and me (Is my English wrong? I always mix up " I" with "me"!);

5) My favourite stuffed toy- My Snoopy- actually my father's but I took it! (In a lovey way, of couse!);

6) A mini basket ball and mini throwball;

7) A picture of me with all my friends and the school building in the background;

8) A picture of my cousins- Onaisa, Sumayya, Ayesha and Ali;

9) A pair of chopsticks (I love Chinese Food - specially crabs)

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