The Song of Peace

is sung by the children

Yitzhak Rabin
Prime Minister of Israel

Delmar Elementary School students have Internet friends in Israel and on Monday they wrote messages to console them.

Dear Lilach,

Hello my name is Kristen. I'm sorry to hear the Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin died because he got shot by Yigal Amir. If I came to the funeral I would stand next to you with a box of tissues. I would be crying too. I am very very very very sorry.

Your friend,

Dear Pazit,

Hi! My name is Hannah. I'm 10 years old. I am in the 5th grade. What grade are you in? We are sorry what happened to all of you. I hope that you are ok now. I'm very, very, very sorry. If I was there I would stand by you a lot. I hope we get to talk again.


Dear Kids in Isreal,

I am very very sorry to hear about your Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Mrs. Weeg told me he was like a President. It is all over the news where we are. I know some of you are very sad and some are very mad. If he were our Prime Minister I would be very sad too. Well I have to go. BE HAPPY!!!!!!!

Your friend,

Dear Lilach,

Hello my name is Kaley. I'm sorry about the Prime Miniter Yitzhak Rabin died because of murder. If I was at the funeral I would stand next to you and help you through his death. I'm very sorry about what happened, again Well I got to go. Bye-Bye.

your friend,

Dear Uri,

I have heard about your leader. I know it is sad to you. It was not good what happened to your leader. I know what it feels like to you. My pop pop died too but that was about 3 years ago.

Your friend

Dear kids in Isreal

How are you feeling? I know it must be hard although I've never been through it. My HEART goes out to you. I know you have lost a man with wisdom and courage but the person who steps up in his place might have similar ideas. I know it's tough but you'll make it.

Your friend,

Hannah Sivan, a teacher in Israel, received the mail fron the students and sent this reply:


The letters from your kids were so sweet! David put them on the board of the teacher's room, and few teachers came to me to tell me they are exciting. They were so personal and touching, so I decided that I wanted to add my words to the kids, to the words David send earlier this morning. Thanks and lots of love, Hannah

Dear Kristen, Hannah, Rea, Kaley and Jonathan,

Thanks so much for your kind words you sent us. They really helped us!! I could feel you standing with us and helping us with your tissues. We watched your President, Mr. Clinton and his wife that came all the way to Jerusalem to be with Mr. Rabin's family and with us during these days. We are very sad. We read a lot in the newspapers about Mr. Rabin and many people lit candles in his Memory.

We hope very much that the peace process that was so important to Mr. Rabin and that he did so much to make it true will continue and that soon we will be in peace with all our neighboring countries.

Shalom (this means peace in Hebrew),
Your friend in Israel - Hannah
P.S. If you wish - you can learn more about Mr. Rabin, write letters to his family and light a candle in his memory.


Students at the High School for Environmental Studies in the Negev Desert wrote their feelings during this time of sadness for Israel and the world. Their teachers have invited students around the world to join them in dialogue.

The Song of Peace was the last song that Rabin would sing. Our hope for world peace lives in the hearts of children today who will grow up in a world that is much smaller because this medium has brought them together.

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