Polish Internet needs your help

This message arrived in Patricia Weeg's inbasket from Delmar's friends in Poland:

"Patti, we have terrible problems with monopoly of national Internet provider, here in Poland. His new price-list for services will limit acces to the Internet here, in Poland. Find more info in http://www.pol.pl "Whats new" and "Daily news" for 26,27 and 28. If it will be necessery, in 4-5 days I will ask you for help. Probably, we will need strong support from abroad to cut off crazy plans to charge everyone in Polish Internet for incoming and outcoming information.

All the info "How you can defend Polish Internet" including "How YOU can defend Polish Internet" (i.e. where you can send your protests) you can find at http://www.pol.pl/pol._e/protesty.htm

Help as to organize (if it will be necessery) world-wide protest against those crazy ideas !! Ban - Defend Polish Internet. As you know, about 100 Polish High Schools have an access to the Internet now. Till the end of this year - twice more. If new rates will be used - we will have to close the Internet for Schools Program. Maybe teachers from other countries can help.

Delmar Students Set to Action

The Problem

The problem is that the company Nask is planning to charge a lot of money for Polish people to send and receive mail on-line. The people in Poland want us to complain about this to the company and so if we do this and enough complaints go out, NASK might lower their prices. - Ashley R.

Our friends in Poland are asking us to write to the NASK company to convince them that the idea of raising the prices is not a good one. - Stephanie

The problem is the prices are too high and people can't afford those high prices. - Quinnisha

Action Taken

Delmar students wrote letters to NASK urging them not to increase the price for accessing the Internet. Here are some excerpts from their letters:

Dear Nask,

If you raise the cost we can't write to our friend Joanna! She is one of my best keypals! I would be very upset if you did. We learn a lot from the Internet. If you raised the prices I wouldn't learn as much about Poland as I do now! PLEASE!!! - Caitlin

Why are you charging a lot for people to go online? Why don't you just keep it the normal price? I don't think this is fair. We would also like to learn about your country. We are just now starting to learn about Poland. - Ashley

Please don't raise the prices any more, please. The children in Poland can't learn our heritage and learn new things about new places. Why did you raise the prices so that only rich people can be on the Internet and type? - Courtney

The Reason

This is important because if the kids in Poland don't have access to the Internet then they won't have any pen-pals and they won't learn anything from other countries. - Ashley

This is important because the more friends you can get the better our world will be! And also we kids can make a difference ! - Ashley R.

Kids can make a difference by writing notes to those people so they would understand how we love to write to our friends around the world - Ashley A.

This is important because we want to talk to people in Poland. We can learn a lot of things about their country and the way they live compared to the way we live. - Stephanie

This is important because if the Internet rates are raised, a lot of children will lose an advantage to learn more. - Tessa

It is important because we can learn different cultures except Poland and then our "WORLD WIDE WEB wouldn't be complete. - Quinnisha

If they raise the prices I wouldn't learn as much about Poland as I do now! - Caitlin

A lot of children will lose their advantages to learn more and do better in school! - Tessa

If you don't raise the prices than kids can see what it would be like how kids live in different countries from them. Wouldn't that be nice? Just think if you were kids wouldn't you love to write to the people? I love writing to people in other countries and if you could let them write again I would be the happiest kid you have ever seen. It would be an honor like you made peace. If you don't there will always be an empty spot in my heart even when I grow up. Please think about it. - Rhae

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