Why Can't You Take Pets to Antarctica?

July 23,1996

Dear MR. David and MR.Matt,

The other night I saw the Olympics. Have you ever driven an airplane before? I like basketball so much I want to be a famous basketball player. First I am going to have to go to college to be a famous basketball player. I am going to North Carolina College then I could just play basketball down there for a while.

Mr. Matt I like the way you signed my letter. It was funny. I wish you could keep on writing letters like that. Have you ever been to a baseball stadium or a race car place? I have been to a lot of states but I have never been to Antarctica.

I also used to have all kinds of dogs but some died and some my grandparents gave away but I still have dogs. They are twins. My dad lives in Washington D.C. He is a police officer.

Your friend,

Hi Paul,

Good luck playing basketball. If that is your dream, hold on to it. It will take hard work on your part, and you will have to study to get into college, but the rewards will be worth it. Don't let anybody tell you that you can't do it. I am 50 years old, and believe that I will be traveling into space someday as an astronaut. Nobody can convince me otherwise. I have seen Baltimore play, and also the Houston Astros. Three years ago, a friend invited me to see the Indy 500. When I was 39, I finally obtained my private pilot's license, but I haven't flown much over the past few years. Well, if I don't eat soon, I will have to go to bed without supper. Goodnight.

This is Matthew A. Nelson, who has an old frozen ozone-depleted brain, is crazy, is sometimes called the Ancient Antarctic Explorer, also known as the Iceman, has a brother called the real M*a*t*t* who drives a garbage truck the one that has pink pokka dots and purpol stripes, wants a t-bone steak, fresh milk, fresh bananas and apples and oranges, ready for green grass and trees and flowers and a whole bunch of other stuff, waiting for the sunrise, waiting for an airplane, waiting to see y'all someday, adios amigos.

Hi Paul,

I have been seeing some of the Olympic events here on TV. We get one channel from the USA, which lately has been mostly the Olympics. I like to watch races, and I really miss going to the racetrack in Delmar. I have only been to one pro baseball game. It was way back in the 60s in Pittsburgh.

I wish you luck in becoming a basketball player. I hope you get a good education also, so you can get a good job after you are too old to play.

Thanks for writing,

July 24, 1996

Dear Mr. Dave Mr.Matt,

Mr. Matt when you arrived there I was 1 Year old. How many years have you been there? In November are you coming back for Thanksgiving? How come you can't bring pets there? Good night Mr. Dave. Good night Mr.Matt

Your Best Friend,
Keith Bailey

Hi Keith,

Wow! Was I ever surprised. Mrs. Weeg told me to look on the web and instead of seeing some spider spinning its web, I saw all the letters that I answered on Saturday. Hi kid, we made the big time! Rules, always rules. The Antarctic Treaty doesn't allow people to bring in animals. I guess that makes sense - they don't want some dog chewing up all the penguins. Then some seal might eat the dog, a whale might eat the seal that ate the dog that ate the penguin that ate whatever it is that penguins eat, and the next thing you would know the whales would be trying to bark! I have made eight trips to Antarctica, and ten trips to the South Pole. Lucky for me the seals haven't eaten me. Then the whales would look like they are from Wyoming. Bye for now.

Matthew A. Nelson, the one who does not want to be mistaken for a penguin by some man-eating seal.

Hi Keith,

I have been here since January on this trip. I should be back a week before Thanksgiving. The Antarctic Treaty does not want the introduction of any foreign plants or animals into Antarctica. A few years ago, there were people that used dog sleds for getting around, but this is no longer allowed. If animals and plants were allowed to come into the region, it could cause problems.

Thanks for writing,
David Hess NK3T

Presently living in beautiful downtown McMurdo, Antarctica.

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