We Think We Know

How Old He Is

Dear Prospector Parker,

My name is Jarrett Tillman. I have never talked to you before so I got the letter that you sent to some people here. You are 59 years old. I guess I was right about Simple Simon. I am looking foward to seeing you the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Seeeeeeeee you Laterrrrrrrrrrr


My Idea is to add:

Simple steals the pie and off on a chase they go. He catches him but the pie is gone. He ate it though. But the man chases him and he has to work it off. He has a job for a year and gets a $50.00 dollar bill. Just by chance the man had no change so he took the $50.00 bill.


Dear Prospector Parker,

I figured out how old you are. You're 59 years old. I think the conflict should be sort of like a word fight. I think the struggle with the bag of gold will be that other peaple will try to take the bag of gold away from Simon and Simon goes through all of these obstacles to get away from the people who want to take the bag of gold.


Dear Prospector Parker,

Hello. How are you? Are you 59? I did the math problem you gave us and got 59. I did what you told me and used my imagination and came up with some ideas. Here they are:

1. He doesn't understand that he has all of that gold.
2. He doesn't know what to do with the gold.
3. Somebody or something steals the bag of gold from him.
4. He might lose the bag of gold.

Well that is all that I could think of!!!!

Your Fan,

Dear Prospector Parker,

Hi my name is Jon and I think I know the Mother Goose play that you and your mule are going to act out. The only way I think I know is because I have the Mother Goose book at my house. I know the name of the story or poem it's just been 24 hours since I studied the spelling of it. One of my friends brought it to school.

P. S. See you when you get here.

Dear Prospector Parker,

I figured out how old you are - 59. I think the conflict should be that you should help people that need help. It is a good idea. I think you should do it. Put the gold in a top sercet military base so nobody knows where it is. Then nObody would attempt to steal the gold. Use it for good like for mentally challenged people and the crippled people. The gold would be safe and you would be helping people. I am Will. I am ten years old. I like boxing UFC and football. I do boxing and football I play for a team called the Terps.

Your Friend,

Dear Prospector Parker,

I figured out how old you are 59. I think the conflict should be a war! When people attack another person. It is a good idea. I think Simon should be alert. People might try to steal the gold. Where are you now? My name is John. I like your plays. I think he should hide it so nobody attempts to take the gold. Use the gold for good. You should help people who need it. I am 10. I'm 4'9. I like UFC, baseball, and biking.

Your Friend,

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