Golden Week Activities in Nagaokakyoshi, Kyoto Japan

Golden Week Activities in Nagaokakyoshi, Kyoto Japan

by Patricia Weeg

Dave McLane and his students, who have been a wonderful source of information for our Multi-Cultural Calendar, celebrate a national holiday today with an ISTP/AE Open House. Part of their Open House was an IRC demonstration and I was invited to take part. What an exciting evening for me last night! It was already Wednesday morning for them.

We met on global IRC and I chatted for a while with several of Dave's students. Dick Nigh from Kyoto Nishi High School was also present. Dave was making a video of his group as we chatted. He took one of the video stills, converted it to a .gif and posted it to a site (FTP) where I could get it. I logged off, got the .gif of his group - was totally delighted to see them! - then joined them once more within 15 minutes for IRC.

We met briefly to confirm that I had received the .gif. Dave then called me by voice phone and each of his students introduced themselves to me for a wonderful voice connection. My KIDCLUB daughter, Karen, also spoke to our Japanese friends. Dave had .gif files of me and Karen for his group to see. We spoke on voice phone as Karen and I looked at the smiling faces of our Japanese friends on my monitor. Dave promises to share the full video of his Open House with me and my students. What an exciting evening!!!

Happy Golden Week to all our friends in Nagaokakyoshi!

Copyright Patricia Weeg

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