From the Summer School Office

Hello! We would like to introduce ourselves. Going clockwise top right is Sylvia, Susan, and Cindy. During Summer School we work in the office doing everything from paper work to nursing sick children. Sylvia is our computer expert. She keeps our attendance as well as doing paper work for Mr. Conway and Mrs. Stein. Susan is our teacher in charge. Her responsibilities range from handling discipline problems to making sure things run smoothly for staff and students. Cindy is our gopher. She has numerous responsibilities, such as giving out medication, handing out supplies, and helping keep the office running smoothly. She also works in the classroom occasionally helping with our resource children. As you can see by our faces we enjoy the work we do here in Summer School. Sharon Dennard is our summer school secretary at Chipman Elementary School. She is always ready to help when the calls come in.

Mr. Norman H. Conway, Title 1 Supervisor, visits with fourth grade students enjoying a writing activity.

Sylvia, Susan and Cindy

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