Mr. Matt Meets the Delmar Students

On Thursday, December 12, 1996, Mr. Matt Nelson visited us here at Delmar Elem. We have been writing to him in Antarctica. We've been writing to him about Antarctica and how it is to live there. I think that he came to visit us because we have enjoyed writing to him and when we found out that he was coming home to Texas, we wanted him to come visit us. I think it was very nice of him to come all the way from Texas just to see us. See, he went home to Texas after he got back from Antarctica. Then, he came to see us.

A few things that I have learned from him are how to survive in a temperature of -30 degrees, about penguins and how close you can get to them. The penguins are like the wild ponies here at Assateague Island. You can't get too close to them, you can't feed them anything, and you can't throw or touch them with anything.

I started writing to Mr. Matt last year when he left for what was not the first time to Antarctica. I wrote back and forth to him many times last year. Then, this year when we came back from summer break, I started to write to him again.

I think that it is fun to write to people on-line because, you can learn a lot of things and make a lot of friends!! I like to come down to Kidlink after school and at my recess time because, I enjoy writing to people. It is exciting when you sit down at a computer and start to write a letter. Then, in the next one or two days, you get a letter back from that person. It's a great feeling that you get when you realize that the letter that you are writing is going across the world to a person who sends their letter right back across the world.

Caitlin Rimkis

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