Melissa Writes...

Dear Mr. Hess,

How are you? I am fine. Do you like your house better or Anartica? Was it nice there? I wonder if it is like a whole another world. Have you ever been to Canada I want to go but the prices are very high. Where you live in Snow Hill I go there every summer. I like to go camping in the at Shad Landing. Well I have to go B. Y. E


Hi Melissa,

I am doing fine. I enjoyed my visit to Delmar Elementary today. My thanks to you and the rest of the kids for making me feel welcome.

I like my home in Snow Hill much more, but it is fun to visit other places. It was nice in Antarctica, and I do not mind going back. The people there are very nice, and I enjoy meeting the scientists doing research on many different things. I do not think I would like to live there forever. There are no dogs, cats, kids, trees, or green plants. The landscape there is mostly black and white.

I have been to Canada, but the last time was about 25 years ago. I do not remember the prices. On my trip to Antarctica, I spent several days in New Zealand. The prices there seemed high, but it was mostly due to the money exchange, and after doing some quick math, the prices seemed about what you would find in the USA. When I exchanged USA money for New Zealand money, I would get about $1.50 Kiwi dollars for each USA dollar.

Would you believe I have never been to Shad Landing? I have been by there on the road, and the river, but never in the park. I hear it is a very nice place to camp.

Thanks for writing,
David Hess NK3T
Snow Hill, MD USA

Patricia A. Weeg
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