Michael McVey

With Kelly and Abigail

Dear friend and Arizona Teacher of the Year, Michael McVey is pictured here with the two very special women in his life and Peppy, the family dog. Congratulations, Michael and Kelly, on the birth of Abigail Grace just a few months ago. She's a doll (and not just because I am one of her many "Grannies"). *smiles*

Last year Delmar students participated in Michael's AT&T/TIME award winning project, "Where Are We?" Two years ago Delmar and East Salisbury students joined Michael's students in a "Story Ping-Pong" project which generated much excitement as the stories took shape. Michael began the three stories and sent them to us. We added to each story and sent them back to his kids. No one wanted to end their story so they still remain 'under construction.' Please feel free to add to the stories... We would love that!

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