We Figured it Out Like This

Hanvi and Kim

Dear Prospector Parker,

Kim and I worked together in order to figure out your age. Kim did the research, and I did the math mental.

First, we figured out that Abraham Lincoln was president in 1860. Secondly, Kim figured out that Roosevelt was president at the age of 42 (the youngest president ever) and added that to 1860. Next, I figured out that there are two states in which the city Delmar lies on (Maryland and Delmar) which I subtrated from 1902. Than I divided that by 50, the number of states there are in U.S.A. Next, I multiply that number by 3, the number of sides on a triangle. I than add the number of original colonies, 13. Than I subtracted 26 for the letters in the alphabet. Time to subtract 2 for the amount of characters in "Simple Simon." Last I divided by 2. That should equal 49.5. Oh I forgot to say I checked with a calculator. I have to go.

Your Friend,

Dear Prospector Parker,

Hanvi and I worked together during Kidlink to figure out your age. I did the reasearch and Hanvi did the Math. Hanvi is very good in Math by the way. I almost am positive that you are 49.5. The way we found out that you were 49 and one half was only to do the steps you gave us. Abraham was first elected President in 1860 + the age of Theodor Roosevelt when he first became President,(42) subtracted to the number of states The Town of Delmar is in, (2) divided by the number of states in the U.S. (50) x the number of sides that are on a Triangle, (3) plus that number of colonies there are, (13) - the amount of letters that are in the Alphabet, (26) - the number of characters there are in the play "Simple Simon," (2, Simon and the Pieman) divided by two. That = 49.5. I have checked this many times on the calculator and each time I have gotton it right. I AM GOING TO BE MAD IF YOU TELL ME I'M WRONG!!!!!!!!! No, I'm just kidding, I won't be mad if you tell me I'm wrong, I will just do it,over and over untill I get it right.

Mrs. Weeg just told me that you couldn't figure out my code. Well, That's O.K. Will you TRY to make me one though. No one has ever made me a code before.

Your Key Pal,

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