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Norie Scheck, grade three teacher, Garrison Forest School
Marty Hankins, computer teacher, Garrison Forest School
Curtis Twilley, grade three chairperson, Delmar
Holly Hawkins,  grade three teacher, Delmar
Myrna Hastings, grade three teacher, Delmar
Becky Mumford, grade three teacher, Delmar
Debbie Smith, grade three teacher, Delmar
Patti Weeg, facilitator, Delmar
Gary Delaney, Mount Savage School, Mount Savage, Maryland


From Marty Hankins                    Jan 3, 95 02:11:10 pm -0500
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 1995 14:11:10 -0500 (EST)
To: "Patricia A. Weeg" 
Subject: Attempt to Contact Delmar Elementary

Here we go again!
Greetings from Garrison Forest School,

    Let me introduce myself.  My name is Norie Scheck and I am
the third grade teacher at Garrison Forest School.  Marty
Hankins has told me that you have taught a unit on Maryland in
the past.  I am going to teach a unit on Maryland this year and I'm
hoping that our classes might share what they are learning through
telecommunications.  I thought it would be fun for the children to just
have the experience of speaking with one another.  Let me know what you

Norie Scheck, Third Grade teacher at Garrison Forest School

Coul you please pass this message on to Mrs. Smith, the third grade
teacher at your school?  Please have Mrs. Smith address her responses to
Norie Scheck via my account at UMD.

Thanks, Marty

Let me know what you think.

Norie Scheck, Third Grade teacher at Garrison Forest School

[Curt replied with lots of interest from his team of third grade teachers]

From Marty Hankins                   Jan 10, 95 01:50:31 pm -0500

Date: Tue, 10 Jan 1995 13:50:31 -0500 (EST)
To: Curtis Twilley 
Cc: Patti Weeg 
Subject: Third Grade Maryland Internet Project

            Dear Curtis,

                 Wow!  I was so excited when I read your message.  This
        is wonderful!  Five teachers to plan and share ideas with - I
        think I've died and gone to heaven!  At Garrison Forest School
        there is one third grade (23 students, 1 associate teacher for
        morning hours) so I am it as far as teacher power goes.  I hope
        this does not deter you from working with me.  In the hopes
        that it doesn't, here are some of my thoughts.
                 I like your choice of topics, i.e. landforms and
        industry.  What would you think of geography since Maryland is
        known as mini-America, landmarks, government, study of the
        Chesapeake Bay as a state and/or national resource, study
        Maryland's capitals, past and present, Maryland Indians and
        their cultures, and/or famous Marylanders?  Besides the
        academia of the whole thing I would really love it if our
        students could communicate with each other via e-mail.  Then I
        was in hopes that we could all meet in Annapolis in May and
        have a brown bag lunch by the water together.  I have just
        applied for my own account so I can reach you without having us
        to go through Marty Hankins.  She has been a love to put us in
        touch.  Let me hear from and your teachers.  I will be
        communciating with you through Marty until my application for
        an account has been processed.  My best to all of you,

        Norie Scheck

        P.S.  Our spring break begins March 10 and ends March 26.
        We're back in session on Monday, March 27.

Here are some of the messages our third grade kids have sent to Mrs. Scheck
and her third graders...

                            February 9, 1995

Dear Mrs. Scheck,

I  live  in Delmar,  Delware.  I  play  baseball  in the summer.  I play
soccer too.  I go to Ocean City in the summer and play the games and walk on
the boardwalk.  I  like  Ocean  city.  because it  is  fun.  An  ocean  is  a
big  body  of  water.

                           Your friend,

                            February 9, 1995

Dear Mrs. Scheck,

What do you want to know a bout Salisbury and Maryland my name is De brina. I
like School and my  Teacher name is  Hawkins She is nice to me. I am 10 years
old. I am in 3th grade and I am  outside in the protable classrooms.  All the
third grades are
.  How many Friend do you have I have many Friend and Maryland my  Friend name
are Sarah Teen, Leigha, Amber.

                           Your Friend,

                           February 9,1995

Dear Mrs. Scheck,

I fish at dames Quarter and I crab.I use chicken for bait.  Mymommy and daddy
take me crabbing.  I make a  grass fort by the water.  I catch  more fish.

                           Your friend,

                                   February. 8, 1995
Dear Mrs Scheck,

My  teacher  is  Mr.Twilley  and  going  to study  all  about  Maryland. I
live  in  Delmar,Maryaland  and  it  is  fun  in   Delmar.It is  fun  because
we  get  snow   and  we  get  to   play  in  the  snow and  I  like to  fish
in  the  summer  and  I'm  going  to  do  alot  of  things  this  summer   I'm
going  to    go crabbing   too.  I'm  going   to  play    alot  of  games
and  I'm   going to   do  alot   in   the   summer.  I  forgot  to  tell  you
my   name  is Jeromy   Reid  I  will   see   you  sometime   soon   when  I
get   to   see   you.

                                  Your  friend,


                            February  9,1995

Dear Mrs. Scheck.

I live in Delmere,  Delware i play baseball in the summer.  I like to go to
Ocean City to ride the rides.  We don't have any mountains here because the
Eastern Shore is really flat.  we got some hill and i got a bik and i like to
ride on the hills.  We can go bowling any time we want.  it opens at ten
o'clock it's fun to go bowling i got meany   of strikes and spares i baktes my
best score is 141.

                             Your Friend,

                                       February 10, 1995
Dear Mrs. Scheck,

My teacher's name is Mr. Twilley.  We're go to learn about
Salisbury and the whole state of Maryland.  Will you teach us about your part
of the state?  What do the dad's do for work?

                                         Your friend,

                             Feb. 8, 1995

Dear Mrs. Scheck,

I'm in 3rd grade.  I'm going to studing MD. Do you have mountains? We do not
have mountains. Wher do you live in MD?  Do you get lots of snow? WE do not
get lots of snow. Did you see any Dolfphins? We live by the sea. What coler do
you ushly where? How long was the trip? Do you have a discover sone?

                           Your friend,

                         February 8, 1995

Dear Mrs. Scheck,

I am in  3rd grade I'm going to learn a balte  MD,do you know naything a baite
it?  Do you know naything a balte the mountains?  Have you herd the  move  THE
MASKE ?  Have you seen a wale  i have seen one  ther prtty and a doven ther
smoth .I hive a pet do you ?

                   Your friend,

                          Feb. 8, 1995

Dear Mrs. Scheck,

I'm in 3rd grade.  I herd you are study M.D We are going to study too. Did you
git some snow? Do you panl on cossing the Chasspeck. Can you write me bake and
tell me about your side of MD?  We live neer the Atlantic ocean. Delmar is in
to states. I would like to see what part you live on. Can you send me a
photogafe showing where you live. And I can show you where I live . Dnow here
it is cold . How does it feel where you live?  We do't have much time. I'm
have to live. Wite me!    And tell me about where you live. Do you have any
child.  I have a sister and bothes.  I'm the baby in the fimley.  My sister is
13 and my bother is 15. I like 3d gade.     Do you like teaching 3d gade. Some
time my friend say I'm lucy because I git to write to people on the computer.
Mis Weeg saies we have to live. And i have 2 minutes to finish.

                              Your Friend,

                                  Feb. 8, 1995

Dear Mrs. Scheck,

Hi my name is Ashley.And I am in  3rd grade.How are you doing ? I am fine.Did
you get snow.We did not get snow.It must be fun to play in the snow.I head you
wear  studying M.D i am studying abaot your country.  You have mantes.And we
do not have that we have flat land.Can you write back to me ?  That will be
grat.We will sined a leater to you.How many kids do you have in your class?I
have 25 kids in my class.And i live by the sea and the weter is very very very
cleen.How does it feel where you l ive.What grade do you teach? My teacher
teaches 3rd grade.And i have 5 sisters and ones name is Erica and another one
is Brittany and another is nicole an another one is Casey  i can not tell you
enery more becuse i have to go now.

                                        Your friend,

                           From Mrs. Scheck's Class!

Subject: Questions and Answers from the Third Grade at Garrison.
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 95 20:46:09 EDT
From: Patricia Ann Weeg 

Hello.  We've been on spring break and have been busy composing our
letters to you.  Here they are!

    Dear Trey,
     My best subject is gym.  I have two younger brothers.
Austin is six and Adam ( My Dad and I call him animal) is 2
1/2. Yes, my school is an all girl school.  Do you play
softball?  I do.  I play on my dad's team some times. When is
your birthday?  Mine is April 29.  How old are you?  I am 8.
In our class we are doing county reseaerch.  My county is

                          Your Friend
  Dear Aysha,
      My dad does two jobs and my mom is going to be a science
teacher.        Where I live  it use to be  contry  but  it  is
not any more . But it is        quiet.  No I do  not hear
trains where I live . I do not hear airplanes a lot.I hear
birds sing a lot . Do you like animals? I'm studing Woshingtin
conty it is in westen MD. Oh I for got to tell you I love
animals. I'm on a soccer team I play  defence. It protects the
the goal.Do you have a dog? I do.
                          your friend
                         Amanda kimbll

Dear Jessica,

    Hi it's me again, you know Annie.
I got your letter my favorit animal is a tiger. My school is an
all girl school.  What T.V. shows do you watch? I watch TGIF.
Did you know that M.d. has 23 countys. Do you have lots of
trees where you live?
Well wright back bye.

                         Your Key Pal,

Dear Rebecca,

          I'm fine.  I am nine years old.  I have two brothers,
J.C. is six  years old and Wilson is almost two years old.  I
have three  best friends , there names are Laura Welch ,
Hilary Rogers,and Katherine Pecore.   I have 3 dogs and one
fish. My birthday is on March 6.

          Almost all of my teachers are nice.  My homeroom
teachers names are Miss.Biggs and Mrs.Scheck.  I don't like to
rollar skate .    I live in Baltimore County, in Owings Mills
MD. My favorite subject is library and my worst subject is gym
.  I go to Garrison Forest School.  I sort of live in the
coutry , I live on a golf course.

                         Your Friend ,
                         Courtney Beese

Dear Chris,

            I got your letter and yes I am in a all girls
shcool. Also I usally just hang around with my freinds I never
really play games.  Did you know that  our state flower is the
Blackeyed Susan?  Guess what we are doing in science well were
making quiz board about Maryland.  What are you learning about
Maryland?  I have a brother and a sister they are both older
than me.  Well  I will talk to you later see ya,

                           Your Friend
Emily Holman

Dear Matthew,

    I do not hear train from my house and school. I can not
hear airplanes. What  kind of sports do you like to play? I
like to go skiing, play solfball, tennies, swimming and lots of
outhers. I have two sisters there names are Shelby and Jenna.
Do you have a dog? I do her name is Hannah. Do you have a
sister or brother? Do you have amy pets? Did you know that
Maryland's state sport is jousting? I live in Owings Mills
Maryland. Do you live on a farm? I do not live on a farm. What
are your parents name? My parents name are Mindee and Bruce.
How old are you? What are your favorate atactiveities at
school? Mine are gym and art.

                          Lacey Block

                      March 28,  1995
Dear Matthew,

No I can't hear trains.  I some times hear cars.  I don't hear
plains often.  In school we picked a cointey out of a hat and
wrote to them and ask for informaion,I got Talbot.  Talbot
cointy is on the eastern shore.  Do you know any one that lives
in Talbot,two of my coisns do.  Do you like horses?  I do.
What is your faverit sport?  I like soccer,baseball and

                          your freind,

Dear Ashley,
I'm fine too.  And  yes, my teacher is very, very nice.  My
school is an all girl school.  I'm nine and a half years old.
I'm glad you like T.T.F.N.  How old are you?  We  also learn
about Maryland in science. We're making a quiz board with
questions and answers.  Is there any other sports that you
like?  I like lacrosse, tennis, swimming, baseball, basketball,
golf, kickball, and dodge ball.  What is Delmar's county seal?
Do you have a pet?  I do.  It's a German Short-Haired Pointer.
His name is Chocko.  (He looks like a giant gray speckled
chocolate bar.)  Oh, I almost forgot, unfortunatly we don't
have letter days.  S.Y.L  See ya later!

                           Love, Mary

                     March 28,1995

    Dear Amanda,

          Your bunny died?   How sad!  My bunny
 died too and I only had
her for three weeks.  Lacrosse is a sport play with nine
players on each team.  Each player has a stick with a small net
at the top.  The object is to throw a ball with the stick into
a net called a goal.

    I have brown hair and a pesky  brother.  Our class is
studying Maryland.   Did you know how many countys there are in

                          Your Friend,

                          Rachel Groff

Dear Warren,

I'm fine. how are you ?  I like cats asnd dogs too.  I like
getting  tests back from any subject. I have two teachers Mrs
Sheck and Miss Biggs.  Yes I do go to a all girl school.  I'm
studting Prince Georges county. Do you know any friends or
famliy there?  I've got two sprots I like riding and field

                         Your friend ,
                         Rachel Mering

Dear Jarrell,
    Hi Jarrell, I have a sister named Karen. She is nice to me
sometimes. Do you like sports.I do.I expecilly like
tennis,swimming,softball,ice skating,riding my bike and most of
all hanging out with my friends. Oh and I almost forgot to tell
you I am 8 years old like you. My birthday is July 2. In school
my class is studying about Maryland. We learned about the
Coastal Plain and a lot of other things about Maryland. I am
Jewish and I celibrate Hannakkah and lots of other holidays but
that will take forever. When is your birthday and what season
is your birthday in? Do you like animaals? I do not love
animals but I do not hate them. I think they are O.K. Do you
live on a farm? I don't live on a farm. How many subjects do
you have in school? What are your parents names?Oh I almost
forgot to tell you what do you want to be when you grow up? I
want to be a teacher,and some other things.What is your
favorate foods and colors and activities.

                         Stephanie Blum

                                            March  28  1995

Hi Todd,I know a nother boy named  Tod. I do not grow crops on
my farm.  I have horses, dogs, cats, chickens, goats, and I
might get a donkey. I do not live by water,but I have two
strems next to my house.  I do not catch fish, but I do have
fish in my pond.  I do not have a favorite food.
How old are you? I'm 8 yaers old. What is your last name? my
last name is Litz.

                          your freind
                              Westy litz

                        Dear Christina,
In Science we study about Maryland too.  It was good to hear
from you.  I do have fun in my school.  We have gotten mail
from diffrent counties.  My county is Queen Anne's County.
Their county flower is Queen Anne's Lace.   I have 34 horse
ribbion's. My teacher Miss Biggs reads us Waydside School and
Waydside School is falling down. What do you do for fun? My
teacher is very nice to.  What is it like in your county?  Do
you live in Maryland or Delaware? Well gotta go !! Hope I see
you some time. !!BYE!!



 Dear Ashley,

I don't live on a farm but I do have alot of animals.  My
family plants impatients in the summer.  My dad is an artist
and my mom is an occupational tharipist.  What are your parents
jobs?  We live on the Piedmont Plateau.  In  school we are
studying differant countys I got Wicomico.  Could you please
send me a fact about Wicomico?  What kinds of animals do you

                          Your friend
                         Emily Wright


Dear Lindsey,
    Hi.  You asked me how old I was, and I am 9 years old.  I
love cats, like you.  I also like a lot of other kinds of
animals like dogs.  At home I have a collection of 41 toy
pretend china and fuzzy animals.  I have one pet hamster.  Her
name is Dot.  I call her Dotty sometimes.  I really love to
draw and write too.
    Our class is learning about Maryland, and we are making
Maryland quizboards.  Where we are, on the Piedmont Plateau,
there are some rolling hills.  We do not have mountains, but it
is not as flat as the Coastal Plain, where you are.  When is
your birthday?  Mine is February 21st.  Will you please write
back and tell me a little about what people like to do in your
county and what makes your county different from all the

                          Your friend,


                          Dear Tommy,
I do have a car.  It is a black volvo.I have two of them.
My birthday is June 20,1985.When is yours?
Yes I like school.I really like school because  when we do
special things we
get a star and when we get five stars we get a party.My
favorite subject is gym.  In social studies each of us have to
do a report about our county, mine is Charlels county.What is
your favorite animal? Mine is a dog. How old are you. Well
gotta go.

                          YOUR FRIEND

                        LAURA WELCH


                      Dear April,
    I have one dog and his name is Dutch.  I also have a fish
but we have not named him yet.  If you have a name for him,
please let me know.
    My teachers are very nice.
    In school we picked countys to get information on.  I got
Caroline County.  Caroline County is a neat county.  Caroline
County is on the coast of Delaware.
    I live in Baltimore City.  It is on the Piedmont Plateau.
    Did you know that Marylands nickname is "Miniature

                         Your pen pal,
                              Laura Waters


Dear Tommy,
I have two cars a Mercedez and a Jeep. My birthday is May 15,
1995.I am
8 years old.Yes I love school.My favorite subject is science
gym math and reading. Yes I do like dogs I have a dog named
Jake and a bunny named
Benjamin. Do you have a best friend mine is Morgan.  In social
studies we each have a county and are studing it, mine is Anne
Arundel Annopolis is in anne arundel and also is the state
capital. Do you have glasses? I don't. what is your dog's name?
Do you play any sports? I do I play softball. do you  do any
extra-curricular.Do you have any brothers or sisters. If you do
what are there names.What are your parents names. What is your
favorite sport. Do you like baseball if you do my dad played
for the O's Detroit Tigers Seattle Marrinar's And a  Japan team
named the tyo Whale's, I went to Japan with him.what do your
parents do for a job.
                          Your friend,
                        Lauren Sheets


             Dear Shawn,
                 I just got a new kitten. It is a boy. His name
is Mittens.  Do you like cat's. I ride a lot. I have 19
ribbon's from horse shows. What is your faverit subject in
school. Who is your best friend. My best friend is Lauren
Sheets. I get good grads to. E means Exsalent, G means good, S
means satisfatun. and n means needs in provment. I get all E's
and a little bit of G's.Do you have glasses? I dont.I have
brown eye's and long blond hair. What do you look like? What
are your favorit sport's. I play soft ball, I ride,I do
gymnastics, and I ice skate. I was asked to do an ice scating
resitle. I'm 4 feet. Maryland has 23 countys.

                          Your friend,
                         Morgan Scott


                       Dear John,
It was good to hear from you.  How are you?  I am fine.
Mrs.Scheck is a nice teacher too.  Guess what my favorite sport
is basketball too!  My class is making quizboard.  Did you know
that Maryland has 23 countys?  How many countys does Delaware
have?  Do you have any brothers or sisters?  I do.  I have 4
sisters and 3 brothers.  One of my sisters plays basketball.
She also gos to the same school I do.  Well gotta go by.

                          Your Friend,
                       Tiffany Sparagana


Dear Brandon
     I play basketball for Park School.   Once I scored the
winning point for my team.  In school I picked a county out of
a hat I got Dorchester.  Dorchester is interesting.  Dorchester
is on the eastern shore.  What do you do in the summer? I like
to go to my aunt's  summer cottage and go canoing.

                          YOUR FRIEND,


Dear Elicia,
I'm learning about Maryland in social studies and also in
sience I'm making a
Quiz bored about Maryland. We have a T.V. show called Fresh
Pince Of Belair
also. Did you know that in Maryland we have 23 Countys so every
person in my class gets a County Do you have lots of snow in
the winter? Well we do

                          your friend


Dear Friend,
I do like cats.  I like you r cats names.  I have 2 cats.
There names are  Custerd and Moppet.  I live in Howard County.
Maryland is in the Piedmont Plateau.  How many animals do you
have?  I have blond hair and blue eyes.  What do you look like?
What is your favorite sport.  Do you where a uniform?  My
school does.  Do you ride?   I do.  Do you like to play
baseball?  I do not play baseball.

                          your friend
                          Arwen Nanson

Hope to hear from you soon.

Mrs. Scheck's Third Grade Class

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