T1 Students Arrive in Hollywood

Mrs. Daily's Class

Another summer session is here again! It didn't take long for the news to spread throughout Hollywood (Chipman Elementary School) that the students in Mrs. Daily's and Mrs. Beirle's Summer School class are great actors/actresses.

The students did a magnificent job dramatizing one of their favorite fairy tales Little Red Riding Hood . Every one memorized his/her line within three days. The scenery, costumes and props were fabulous.

Tamra , a petite little girl was the perfect match for Little Red Riding Hood. Tiara Arrington did a super job as the mother. Danielle Ankeny portrayed the grandmother adorned in her night cap, shawl, and round rimmed glasses. The sly and cunning wolf was played by Paris Fooks. Tyrone Cottingham played the part of the kind and considerate wood- cutter.

Invitations were sent to the parents requesting their attendance for this great performance. The entire Summer School staff and students were also invited. Popcorn, fruit punch, and lollipops were enjoyed by all after the performance ended.

Danielle: "I was the grandmother sick in bed. The wolf locked me in the closet. The woodcutter saved me."

Tamra: "I carried a basket of goodies to my grandmother. I was Little Red Riding Hood."

Tiara: "I gave Little Red Riding Hood a basket to take to grandmother. She was sick."

Tyrone: I saved grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood from the big bad wolf. I was the woodcutter."

Paris: "I was the big bad wolf. I scared grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood."

Jerrell: "I liked Little Red Riding Hood play. I liked the wolf most. He jumped out from behind the tree."

Gregory: "I liked the woodcutter the best because he frightened the wolf away. I liked the whole play."

Tymeerah: "I enjoyed the play, Little Red Riding Hood. My favorite character was grandmother."

Sidney: "I liked Little Red Riding Hood because she had a basket of goodies."

Tymeerah, Jerrell, Sidney, and Gregory can't wait to become actors/actresses in the next performance-- THE THREE BILLY GOAT'S GRUFF!

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Patricia A. Weeg

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