Mariko: In Japan

Hello, Terrian,

I am very glad to receive your mail. I like to listen to the music ( pops ) and cooking. In my junior high school, I belong to the volleyball club. Other clubs are basketball club, tennis club etc. .The practice is so hard that I am a little tired every day.

You wrote " Could you tell me a little about your country.". I will talk about my country as far as I know. You said that there are a lot of parties in your country, but in our country there are few. We have party only in the big events. Japanese seems to like the competitive games.

In Japanese daily food, there are two types. One is traditional Japanese food, raw fish, boiled rice. The other is western food, soup, steak, bread, fried potatoes. I suppose you dislike raw fish, but it is delicious with Japanese sauce. I have much information about my country . I will write about them in the next mail. Could you tell me about your country. Bye-bye,
From Mariko

Hi Cheryl,

I read your mail. I am interested in " The wind in the Willows''. I would like to read it. But we can't get it in Japan. Even if getting it, it is in English so it's difficult for me. I hope I can read it. Well I am reading a book too. The name of book is " Usagi no Me (The eyes of Rabbit) ". It's a story of reliance between a teacher and many school children. This story gives me wonderful impression. My favorite books I read two years ago are " Anne of green gables" by Lucy Maud Montgomery, "Little House Prairie " by Laura Ingalls Wilder. The series of "Little House Prairie " are popular in Japan, so that it's difficult to get all the number of this series. I borrowed these books from my friend who has all . Do you know this series?
From Mariko Nozoe

Patricia A. Weeg
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