Lemonade! Lemonade!

Mrs. Stanley's Class

The students will demonstrate their ability to reason mathematically. They will have a positive attitude towards math and value and even appreciate the role of math in school, culture and society.

This task allows the students to write and to discuss mathematics with language, signs and symbols and terms of the discipline. Students made lemonade. They had to show a profitable business and finally discuss what they did to make a profit.

Mrs. Mary Stanley

The lemonade tasted very, very good with sugar in it. It looks like yellow in in the lemonade. We used water, cups, ice, also used a pitcher and a knife and a spoon.

After we made it we stirred it up. After the teacher gave directions we first cut up the lemon and put it in the cup. Then we added water and sugar. Last we stirred it up and then we drank it. It was tasty.


It tastes like lemons. It looks like water. We used sugar, lemons, cups, water, a pitcher and a knife.

Yvonne Rhock

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