The Last Letters For Mr. Bill

going to Australia

Dear Mr. Bill,

Hi!! My name is Ashley. I have wrote to you before. But you probably won't remember me. Well, yes everybody is looking forward to the holidays. But I'm not sure if anyone is going to see their relatives. But I'm going to. I have to go see them. My parents are always over my families houses at holidays. How are things going there? It is cold here. Tomorrow we are getting our report cards. ( that would be today for you.) And I'm excited. Do you get paid for what you do? I just wanted to know. Well, I have to go!!

Your pen pal,

Dear Mr.Bill,

How are you? I'm fine. you've been writing a lot lately. My name is Kaley and I've written to you before. You came to our classroom also when you were at our school. I sometime write a lot but sometimes I write a little, but this time I'm writing a lot. You write a lot too. I'm writing a paragraph to you. Tomorrow we get our report cards. If I get good grades I get to go to the mall.

your friend,

Dear Mr.Bill,

My name is Ashley you came to my homeroom when you came to Delmar Elementary . I am in Mr Lingo's class . How are you doing in Australia? What kind of animals have you seen? Have you met any new people? How long have you been there ? The last time I saw you was when you came here . See you later .

Ashley Roberts

Dear Mr.Bill,

Hello! My name is Tessa. I heard about the storm. My kitten was stuck under the house during it. What is the weather like ? I hope you have good luck on the next launch. I hear you have been delayed a lot. I think the Melbourne Cup sounds interesting. I just love horses. It is a coincidence that the race is in Austrailla and the Austrailan horse won. I have never had lobster, but I bet it is good. If I go to Astralia and ask for chips, I will get french fries, right ? Exactly how big are those trucks ? I am glad they have a movie theater. I am even more glad that it is run by kids! Maybe if my dad has to go there, he can get me a job! Well, I really have to go. Bye! Your Friend, Tessa

Dear Mr. Bill

I'm looking forward to the holiday because we have 2 days out of school. Those 2 days are the 23rd and the 24th. No plans to visit relatives or friends.

Did the U.S.A have a horse?? If so what was it's name? The horses run south. Morton Bay Bugs doesn't have such a nice name but they sound good. I like lobster.

Running a movie theatre sounds neat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We haven't gotten our report cards yet???

Your friend,

HI! Mr. Bill,

HI! My name is Kristen. I am in Mr.Lingo's class just like Kaley and Ashley . What kind of animals are there ? Have you launched any rockets since last time we talked? How long have you been there? How is the food? Are the people nice?



Guess what I got on my report card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got 4 A's, 4B's and one C. I'm really proud of my self and I got perfect attendance and really swell compliments.

Here is my report card:

science B Quinnisha gets along well with others
math C
reading A
language B
spelling A
studies A
music A
gym B
art B


Dear Mr. Bill,

How are you doing? I doing fine. I going tell a story. Mr. Fox fell down the hole and broke his nose and he needed go to the hospital for three years. He was badly hurt. He broke his nose really badly hurt. He was ashamed then he got better. He went home with his wife and his little fox kids. He was happy that he didn't die. He was lucky because he didn't die. His wife must be happy that he didn't die. They went to the fox zoo. They saw some of the animals They were eating and eating before they got full and they saved some of the food. They lived ever after.


Dear Mr.Bill,

Are you having fun in Australia? I am sorry I have not been writing to you. When will you be back from Australia? I would like to see you again. Are you still working with rockets? Is it hot or cold where you are? How do the people talk in Australia? I am hoping to see you. Australia must be fun. I forgot when it was but I saw a rocket. It exploded. Was it one of yours? My mom and brother saw smoke in the sky. My cousins saw it also. How are things in Australia? How are you? Did you make any new friends in Australia? How many months do you have in Australia? I will try to write to you again. Will you write again?

Your friend,
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