Landmark Project

Landmark Project Clues

Authors: KIDLINK kids

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Clues were sent three at a time for three weeks by participating schools.

1. Annville-Cleona Middle School 
   Annville, Pennsylvania, USA

  1. Landmark from ancient times.
  2. Took 12 years to complete.
  3. Located at the junction of two ancient sea lanes.
  4. Made by Charles of Lindos who later killed himself because he thought he
     made an error in the proportions.
  5. About 70 cubits high.
  6. Represented Apollo.
  7. Straddled the harbor later known as Mandraki.
  8. It was toppled by an earthquake 50 years after it was created.
  9. A ship supposedly could pass under it.

2. Antwerp International School <>
   Antwerp, Belgium

  1. It is round.
  2. It is tall.
  3. It is made of stone.
  4. It was used for games and contests.
  5. It was flooded.
  6. The present name is related to a word meaning "big."
  7. It was an arena
  8. It had cages
  9. It's falling apart

3. Barbers Hill Intermediate - Dare 
   Mt. Belvieu, Texas, USA

  1. It was named after a fort.
  2. Formed thousands of years ago.
  3. Indian tribes lived in the area long before the
     first Europeans arrived.
  4. I am the most spectacular natural wonder of the
     North American continent.
  5. You can walk under me.
  6. I am a border.
  7. There are two parts of me
  8. My longitude is 79.02 and latitude is 43.06
     (but we don't tell you north, south, or east or west)
  9. I am used as a source of hydroelectric power

4. Barbers Hill Intermediate - Eagles 
   Mt. Belvieu, Texas, USA

  1. 12 feet to 15 feet in height.
  2. It became a historic event when it was 28 years old.
  3. Broken pieces still remain to this day.
  4. I caused 170 people to be critically injured.
  5. I am a hard object partly surrounded by metal.
  6. I am 137,280 feet long.
  7. It is a large rectangular prism
  8. It separated a country into two
  9. It kept people in and out

5. Brandon Middle School 
   Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

  1. I am the famous 10.38 acre monument.
  2. I was established in 1924.
  3. On my monument stands the colossal statue of Frederic Bartholdi.
  4. I am made of copper.
  5. Where I stand was formally called Bedloe's Island.
  6. A model of me stands on a bridge that crosses the Seine River.
  7. Altogether I cost $530,000.
  8. I weigh 100 tons.
  9. I am 151 feet tall.

6. College International Stendhal 
   Grenoble, France

  1. An English king was crowned here.
  2. I'm on an island.
  3. My ogivers are famous.
  4. Many famous kings have joined my gallery although most lost
     their heads in the French Revolution.
  5. My "flying buttresses" keep my head.
  6. Watch out for a horrible figure.
  7. From above, diabolical faces stare down at you.
  8. Climbing to the top of the twin towers will drive you "in Seine."
  9. I'm named after the Virgin mary.

7. Delmar Elementary School 
   Delmar, Maryland, USA

  1. It is in the 28th state to be admitted to the union.
  2. By 6:30 A.M. all 189 men were dead.
  3. It was used as a supply depot.
  4. It was built as a Catholic mission.
  5. The Mission was originally called San Antonio de Valero.
  6. It is a Historic Structure.
  7. The siege of the _____ began on Febuary 23, 1836.
  8. By March 5th the garrison could not return fire because ammunition
     was low.
  9. Colonel William Barret Travis said "I will never surreneder or retreat"
     while fighting this battle. (this battle was fought at the landmark that
     we at Delmar have chosen to use.)

8. Emerson School-1 Stephanie Wang & Christina Tedesco
   Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

  1. It is a national landmark.
  2. It has no use since it Us natural.
  3. The culture of the people who live around it is Spanish and Italian.
  4. it is a falls.
  5. it's location is between Brazil & Argentina.
  6. The latitude is east 54 and the longitude is south 28.
  7. The population of the country it is considered in is 27,947,446.
  8. It is the province Misiones which is in Argentina which
     is in South America.
  9. The mixed name is Uguaizi

9. Emerson School-10 Christian Weder & Owen Albin
   Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

  1. It was originally named old peak.
  2. It is in south central Peru 50 miles from Cuzco.
  3. Its coordinates is 14 deg. east 73 deg. north.
  4. It was originally a frontier outpost.
  5. It was a hiding place from the Spanish.
  6. it's conutries population is about 22,767,000.
  7. It was man made.
  8. It's mixed up name is Auhmc Chcupi.
  9. It is located on the mountains.

10. Emerson School-2 Moria Chambers 
    Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

  1. The name of the landmarks mixed up name is UOCZC.
  2. It is the capital of the Incas.
  3. The latitude is 13 1/2 and longitude is 72 west.
  4. My landmark is constructed.
  5. The landmark is a center of tourism.
  6. The population of the country it is in is 23,354,000
  7. It is in Southern Peru.
  8. It is in the highlands.
  9. The culture us Incan.

11. Emerson School-3 Christina L. & Elise S. 
    Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

  1. Purpose- to give food to the animals.
  2. Popuation- 6,800,000.
  3. A house is made of leaves and poles.
  4. Location Brazil.
  5. Coordinates- start 50 diges west lo  0 diges west
     la, the end - 40 diges wedt lo  5 diges so la
  6. Mixed name- zmaoan irver
  7. Culture - Inca.
  8. Kind of landmark- it is a natural landmark.

12. Emerson School-4 Sam & CR 
    Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

  1. What it was originally: volcanic peaks.
  2. Animals: turtles that weigh more than 500 pounds.
  3. Population: 6200
  4. Culture: the culture was associated with the British. (was)
  5. Location: near Ecuador.
  6. Mixed up name: PANAGILSSASLOGA (Two words)
  7. Latitude 1 degree south 91 degrees west longitude.
  8. Kind of landmark: natural.
  9. Terrain: its made of volcanic peaks.

13. Emerson School-5 Nathan/Jackie 
    Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

  1. It separates hemispheres.
  2. My landmark's mixed up name is Atorque.
  3. It's location is 0 degrees longitude and 180 degrees latitude.
  4. It is the biggest landmark in the world.
  5. Location Brazil, Columbia, Equador, and New Guinea.
  6. It is not man made.
  7. Some Contras assisted my landmark are Brazil Columbia Congo.
  8. There are under 2 people per sq.per mi..
  9. It is mostly in the rain forest.

14. Emerson School-6 Michelle Fox & Isabella Cederquist
    Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

  1. Sacar is the mixed up name for our landmark.
  2. Our landmark is in Venezuela.
  3. The coordinates for our landmark are 73 degrees west and 10 degrees
  4. Our landmark is in a valley.
  5. Our landmark is a building.
  6. Our landmark is in a countywith a population of 19,876,000.
  7. Our landmark is 7 miles form the Caribbean Sea.
  8. Our landmark is in South America.
  9. The offical language for the country that our landmark is in is Spanish.

15. Emerson School-7 Christine Wahr & Cara Berg
    Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

  1. Location- Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico.
  2. Mixed up name- lcUstbPaoma (2 words).
  3. Coordinates- 18 latitude 92 longitude
  4. Kind of place- pyramid (tomb).
  5. Original use of landmark- tomb.
  6. Owner of tomb died in 683 at the age of 80.

16. Emerson School-8 Andrea Sivak & Lindsay Steenstra
    Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

  1. It is close to the Tropic of Cancer.
  2. The coordinates are 83 deg. north longitude, 23 deg west latitude.
  3. The location is Havana, Cuba.
  4. The culture associated with the landmark is Roman Catholic.
  5. The population is 10,991,000.
  6. The kind of landmark is constructed.
  7. The purpose of the landmark is to remember someone.
  8. The mixed up name is Ritam Nonetmum Soje.
  9. The kind of place is, it is warm in the winter.  The average rainfall
     is 54 inches.

17. Emerson School-9 Matthew Field & Chris Bauer
    Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

  1. It is an island in the Pacific Ocean.
  2. The mixed up name is treesa lidasn.
  3. The longitude is 27 degrees west.  The latitude is 119 degrees south.
  4. People don't know cultures that lived there in the past.
  5. The purpose of the landmark is a big mystery.
  6. The population is 2,000 people.
  7. The landmark on this place was constructed by people.
  8. It is a volcanic & rugged terrain.
  9. It is 2,300 miles away from mainland.

18. Garfield Elementary School 
    Lewistown, Montana, USA

  1. 186 ft sqare.
  2. Stands in a garden.
  3. Designed by a Turkish architect.
  4. Dome covers center of building.
  5. Each corner has slender prayer towers.
  6. Built between 1630-1650
  7. One of the most beautiful and costly tombs in the world.
  8. Made of amrble and rest on platform of red sandstone.
  9. It has artificial moonlight

19. Haven Middle School 
    Evanston, Illinois, USA

  1. I am famous for my architecture.
  2. My followers have their own religion.
  3. Cryptic message 3 14 22 11 15 7 22    26 19 25 18 26.
  4. There is recognition of the common ground of all religions.
  5. It's the border if two cities.
  6. The ceiling is unusual.
  7. People come for religious reasons.
  8. They call for world peace and harmony.
  9. The ceiling is said to unite religions.

20. High School for Environmental Studies 
    Sde-Boker, Israel

  1. You can find her as an industrial city in Pennsylvania.
  2. This is the place of the birth of a famous "womanizer."
  3. This is the "house of the Holy Bread."
  4. Conquered in the year 1100 by the crusadors.
  5. The first Roman Caesar built a church in it.
  6. A place of pilgrimage.
  7. Known as a female biblical tribe's name in the bible.
  8. Known as a place of birth of important characters, and as a burial
     place of a biblical character.
  9. Known as a burial place of a famous and important character in Jewish

21. Hong Kong International School 
    Tai Tam, Hong Kong

  1. This landmark is the longest of its kind in the world.
  2. It is located in the southern hemisphere.
  3. It was discovered by an Australian.
  4. Our landmark is 250 miles long.
  5. Our landmark was the first photographed in 1946; mapped in 1957.
  6. HKIS's landmark has a topographic sag in the middle.
  7. Our landmark is 40 miles wide.
  8. Not a liquid not a gas
  9. Classified as a "continental type"

22. J-I Elementary School 
    Iverness, Montana, USA

  1. 125,600,000 cubic yards of earth.
  2. Former site of the 1872 Assinniboine and Sioux Indian Reservation.
  3. Project completed in 1940.
  4. 100 foot wide highway.
  5. 186 miles long.
  6. Home of the paddlefish.

23. Kempsville Middle School 
    Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

  1. 1. This landmark took 2 years to build.  The country
     it is in participated in WWII.
  2. It was built in the 20th century.
  3. The religion of the area of this landmark is mainly protestant.
  4. Built in August 1961.
  5. Defaced with grafitti.

24. Kihei 
    Hihei, Hawaii, USA

  1. Located below the equator.
  2. In a very isolated country.
  3. You will need a very small boat to see our unique feature.
  4. All together this country is the size of Colorado.
  5. Earthquakes are common here.
  6. Limestone "straws" are hanging in our specific site.
  7. You don't need a flashlight to find your way
  8. Look for the tuatara, kiwi and Maoris
  9. Located 100 miles south of our major city

25. Landisville Middle School 
    Landisville, Pennsylvania, USA

  1. Built in 1889 for world exhibition.
  2. First floor contains audiovisual history of our landmark.
  3. Central location in the country for 106 years.
  4. Designer also designed the inner structure of the Statue of Liberty.
  5. Landmark stands for freedom.
  6. Cost $1.6 million and took 22 months to build.

26. Lone Rock School 
    Stevensville, Montana, USA

  1. Near -e--e   ------e   ---e-.
  2. Was once called Mateo Tepee.
  3. ZASIMK XEHAF (cryptogram).
  4. I was formed from a cauldron.
  5. Miscreants Edifice.
  6.  If you had 157 5 ft. 6 in. kinsfolk, that's how tall I am.
  7. "___________ the best shave a man can get."
  9. Landmark for pioneers.

27. Mount Saint Joseph Academy 
    Flourtown, Pennsylvania, USA

  1. It takes a great "endeavor" to find me.
  2. I am the center of expanding tourist trade.
  3. My future is so bright, I gotta wear shades.
  4. It's illegal to take anything from me.
  5. Once attached, I now stand on my own.
  6. I'm kept on a shelf.
  7. This landmark will take your
     breath away.
  8. I may look fragile but I'm strong enough to hold buildings
  9. Its beauty comes from both the living and the dead.

28. North Middle School 
    Menomonee Falls, Winsconsin, USA

  1. It's north of the equator.
  2. It's east of the Prime Meridian.
  3. The country it is in borders the Atlantic Ocean.
  4. It's not in Spain or Portugal.
  5. It has to do with a sport in the Winter Olympics.
  6. In this sport you use p---- and -----s.
  7. Country is in a lot of mountains.
  8. Country is in a mountain peak named Gl-t-rti-den.
  9. Country has a lake named Mjosa.

29. Scribner Road School 
    Penfield, New York, USA

  1. Named after a man who was an only child and who was considered to
     be a photography pioneer.
  2. It is in the state whose state bird is the robin.
  3. It is in the same town as Susan B. Anthony's home.
  4. It became a museum in 1947.
  5. It is near the Genesee River.
  6. It is in the Flour City.
  7. It is a 50 room Colonial Revival mansion
  8. It is the home of the Dryden Theater
  9. It is the International Museum of Photography

30. Sekolah Menengah Bukit Bandaraya 
    Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

  1. It is a square.
  2. It means independence.
  3. TV big time.
  4. It is the site of an annual parade (every August).
  5. It is in Asia.
  6. It was once occupied by the Japanese during WW2.
  7. It is in one of the Common Wealth countries
  8. It is in front of a club
  9. It is the site of the world's tallest flagpole

31. Thoroughbred Elementary School 
    Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

  1. This place still stands today.
  2. There were many deaths here.
  3. A war was fought here.
  4. Built in 1718.
  5. Was once a house of worship.
  6. Will always be remembered by name
  7. 2 famous frontiersmen died here.
  8. A slave, 9 women & children were spared.
  9. March 6th marks the date of the bloody battle.

32. University School of NSU 
    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

  1. you can see this landmark from a horse and carriage.
  2. Blacksmiths make tools by hand here.
  3. the governor's palace is a main attraction.

33. Delmar Elementary School 
    Delmar, Maryland, USA

  1. It's a line
  2. Settled a dispute
  3. We can see part of it
  4. Two English astronomers did the survey of land and it was named
     after them.
  5. Mile stones mark the boundary
  6. Divided the North and the South
  7. Important part of Civil War.
  8. Separates Maryland and Pennsylvania.
  9. Sureyed three times after created.

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