Landmarks Project

The Landmark Game

by: Carol Siwinski


Choose a Landmark any where in the world.  Have your students research facts
concerning the landmark  and compose nine interesting clues.  Post three
clues per week  to the Kidproject board over a three week period.  All
registered schools can ask one question per week which requires a yes or no
answer to each clue posting school.  At the end of the three weeks the
school which guessed the most landmarks will be declared the winner!


***January 1 to January 31*** - all schools wishing to participate must
register with Mount St. Joseph Academy. To participate you must post your
nine clues and attempt to guess the landmarks of all the other participating
schools.   Email your registration form  to  The
registration information is at the bottom of this message.

***February 6 to February 20*** - all participating schools will choose
their landmark and work on creating  clues. Also set up research teams to
research incoming clues.  During this time the Mount will forward a list of
all participating schools to participants and the Kidproject board.

***February 20 to March 6*** - all participating schools will post three
clues on the Monday of each week to the Kidproject board.  During each week
a question requiring a yes or no answer can be asked of each posting school.
Remember this question must be sent to the posting school and not to the
Kidproject board (you should not auto reply to a clue).  Each school is
allowed only one actual guess of the landmark so do your research!  When a
school successfully guesses your landmark report their name, address and
email address to Mount Saint Joseph Academy at  The Mount
will keep a tally of each schools successes and announce a winner.

***March 17, 1995*** -  The game is officially over and a winner will be
announced.  The Mount will post a list of each school's tally to the
kidproject board.   All participants can now send their landmark to the
Mount - and we will post a list of each school and their
landmark to the board.


Send registration to - -   not the Kidproj list.
Post all clues to the Kidproj list:

Send all questions to the posting school.  You will have a list of each
participants email address from the list being sent by the Mount.  Add each
participating schools email address  to the address book of your mail
program and then it will be handy through out the game.

Send the name of each school that correctly guesses your landmark
immediately to The Mount  Included with this message
should be the school's name, address and email

Registration:   (Do not send the name  of your landmark)

School Name




Contact person name

Contact person email

Contact person phone
Happy Exploring!

Carol Siwinski
Nount St. Joseph Academy
120 W. Wisshickon Ave.
Flourtown, Pa 19031

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