Keypals in Japan and Sri Lanka

Jeanaye and Saraubh

Fourth grade students, Jeanaye and Saurabh, sent electronic mail to far away Japan and Sri Lanka. Jeanaye told Japanese teacher, Isamu Shimazaki, that she lived in Japan. Saraubh was sure to tell Armav Manchada from Sri Lanka that he, too, is from India. The world gets smaller every day.

June 25, 1996

Dear Isamu Shimazaki San,

My name is Jeanaye K. Wright. I just came from Sasebo, Japan and I want to learn more about Japanese language. I have been in Japan for four and a half years. I wish I could come back to Japan and see some more sights. If I could come back for two more days I would see all of my friends and vist my old home.

Things are O.K. in America. It's taking a long time to get a house so we moved into an apartment. Until we find a house we're in an apartment.

Your friend,

July 2nd

Dear Arnav,

I am from India. I am 10. I got my new bike, but It is broke. What school are you going to? I am in Prince Street. What is your teacher name? My teacher name is Miss Rickards. what is your favorite subject? Do thay sell pizza there? I like pizza. Do you like reading? I do not like reading. My favorite games are baseball, and cricket. Do you like living there. We are having a good time here. Are you having a good time there? Do you want to come here?

Saurabh Patel

Hi Saurabh!

I am also from India! I am 12 years old. I goto the Overseas Children's School. It is a nice place. We have many many teachers, and no main one. I like computers the best as a subject. I also like to read, use computers, play cricket, and more. I like pizza too. It is very hot here.

Arnav Manchanda

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