Our Friends Karine and Antony

in Lebanon

Written to Lisa at Delmar Elementary School


I'm karine .i'm10 years old. I like very much animals and pets. I wish to live in a farm with many kind of animals and a lot of space. now I live in a big city (BEIRUT ). tell me what do you do in the farm? bye


"...I want tell you that in LEBANON the longest trip takes 1 or 2 hours from BEIRUT. at BEIRUT the temperature is 18 C(68 F). the lebanese hour is +3 GMT."

This is some instructions from baalbeck bachus and jupiter(for my friends at delmar). BAALBECK is a roman city . we have bachus and jupiter greatest roman temple. the 6 columns of baalbeck in the picture measure 19 meters high. in the view from BEIRUT you can see the mountains(with snow) and the sea.

The Cedars of Lebanon

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