Rio Session Report for August 13th, 1996, second session

Joyce Burtch, Recorder

Moderator: Epi Sepulveda


Isamu Shimazaki, Japan, Manager Japanese Language Forum
Claus Berg, Denmark, Manager KIDLEADER
Lars-Erik Nilsson, Sweden, Manager KIDCAFE
Patti Weeg, USA, Manager KIDPROJ

Isamu Shimazaki, Manager of Japanese Language Forum reported that in 1993, there were not enough computers, time for Internet and language barriers. There were many Japanese speaking students all over the world, but they couldn't use language letters, so they relied on faxed pictures to communicate without English.

He spoke of a project done with his school in Tokyo and another school in Nebraska, USA. Both schools were named "Lincoln". In this project, a cooperative story and drawings about a travelling kangaroo was written and drawn by students at both schools and exchanged over fax. The project was very successful and is being repeated this year with a story called "Frog Tricks Toad".

In 1994, exchanges of color fax took place, adding to the texture and richness of drawings being exchanged. In 1995, a picutre drawn by Japanese students and a story written by Delmar Elementary School in Maryland was put on a t-shirt for all the kids who participated in the the project.

The project between Isamu's Rinkan Elementary School and Delmar Elementary School can be seen here:

Also, in 1995, the Japanese governement tried to pilot 100 school networking projects. This was a 2 year project and next year's goals are not clear. There are many other language speaking families in Japan and parents are now working so links with other languages can be increased.

Claus Berg, Manager of KIDLEADER reported that there has been 2000 messages a year for the past three years but this year messages are down due to other language lists and other KIDLINK areas being opened. Subscribers to the KIDLEADER lists are at 702 - with North America at 440, Sweden at 48, Japan at 24, Canada at 22, Norway at 20, Iceland at 19. However, these figures can be misleading as subscribers can be more than one person.

What KIDLEADER is now:
Participants see this list as a place for information, excellent curriculum ideas, introductions, requests for help, and basically, a friendly area to get to know each other.

Summary: KIDLEADER is a place to keep informed about what's going on with TEACHERS

Strategic information:

Lars-Erik Nilsson, Manager of KIDCAFE reported that during 1996, the discussion focused on insufficient control due to the number of subscribers and an inability to reach people to give them information. It seems, whatever is done, there is still too many messages, still too many inappropriate messages and too many unanswered messages.

What has been done:

Areas under KIDCAFE now are:


KIDCAFE and KIDQUERY had a variety of topics under discussion this year: dating, animals, music groups, religion, and abortion to name a few.

Biggest problems:

Strong Areas:
Patti Weeg, Manager KIDPROJ works with Grant Dougall and Jan Dalton.

Goals of KIDPROJ:

Statistics for KIDPROJ

Looking Ahead to the Future and long-term goals:

* Patti's parting comment was: We all see Christ Redemptor statue on the mountain with his arms outstretched. What he is really saying is the same thing as I am for the KIDPROJ list. I want more and I want everyone! :-)

respectfully submitted by:

Joyce Burtch
KIDLINK Annual Celebration Coordinator
KIDLINK Rotary Contact Manager

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